Jerry Jones Postgame Week 3 vs MIA | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dan Blatt Reply

How Bout Them Cowboys 🇺🇸🏈🤠 🏆

slim 1995 Reply

Slow start but ended up being a great game. Wish we wouldn’t let off the throttle so much in the 4th quarter

    Domonic Nguyen Reply

    I dont either, slows us down but understandable to not allow any extra room for error.

    RC Reply

    You dont wanna lose your key players to injuries, why play the stars when you basically got the game won

    King D Reply

    slim 1995 – I agree! That’s one of the few things I like about the Patriots- they don’t let off the throttle. Jason needs a killer instinct abt himself. I think that type of an attitude would set these boys off even more. I believe the players have it, but they have flow w their coach.

trillcity922ify Reply

We should of got 50 on them but good win #CowboysNation ⭐️

Dan Blatt Reply

K-MOORE was a good move Jerry 👍

LadyK Massage Reply

COWBOYS Nation Baby!!! 3-0🏈🏈🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    richard Pryor Reply


RevanJJ Reply

I’m a Cowboys fan, but I’m sick of many of you all. 31-6 isn’t good enough?! Two RB’s over 100 yards? QB throws two great TDs? All of this with 4 defensive starters OUT, Michael Gallup, & Tavon Austin OUT. Never satisfied

PS: I don’t mean on here. I mean on Twitter and Facebook except for one Page I follow called True Blue Dallas Cowboys Fans where I don’t see any hate.

    cperry76705 Reply

    Most of these “fans” aren’t really fans and not very knowledgeable when it comes to football. But yes, our first half was sad. It’s the NFL. Can’t underestimate anyone

    RevanJJ Reply

    cperry76705 well said!!!

    Jayhussl Reply

    Totally agree. We play our football according to our situation and win, but everybody think we have to play lights out all the damn time. Win is the key whether by 1 or 50. We just need to win. This was good review tape for both sides of the ball.

    Artur Rofi Reply

    haters are always gonna hate

    Scott Davidson Reply

    Why do u let them rent space in UR HEAD? U GIVE THEM POWER.

Abel Valeriano Reply

Good win…GO COWBOYS!!! Prepare for the Saints… never underestimate anyone….


    I wasn”t hapi with how the team started this game at all!

    Johnny Reply

    Saints are going to be tuff, they just beat the Seahawks.

DJ PC Baby! Reply

Say what you say but ‘m down with JJ! #CowboysNation

Jonny H Reply

Next week will be a big test saints have a hell of a D

    Devin Hill Reply

    Yes. Now we’ll truly see how our “perfect” offense stands against a true defense.

Kevin Bautista Reply

Hes spot on when it comes to Cooper, those routes are crisp!

webmillions Reply

Get your phone out of my face! 😂

    Ben Dover Reply

    You made me watch it again because I thought I missed it LOL. But that look said it tho 🤣

Alberto Ortiz Reply

Dallas beat saint’s next 38-17 DALLAS 4-0

Bobby Ice McCall Reply

Bring on them Saints DALLAS⭐COWBOYS 3-0

William Boyle Reply

Whos the cheesedick with the sunglasses.

    richard Pryor Reply

    Idk but he is real close to JJ looks like he was smelling him close to the end of the video

dylan gideon Reply

I’m not close to a millionaire. I’m ok with my hair cut…

Robert Baratheon Reply

interview richard or moore idgaf what jerry has to say

Daddyblacky956 Reply

that guy with the shades on some good good 😂

Cezer TheGreat Reply

Yes Jerry! You put the best people in place too take this team where it should go!!!WeThemBoys!!!!!

Veni Vidi Vici Reply

Damn! Roy Orbison over Jerry’s shoulder looks like he’s strugglin.

Scott Davidson Reply

3-0. 2-0 in division. 2.5 game lead. 1 game at a time. Nothing promised. Injuries, suspensions, attitude, complacency, contracts all come into play. 1 game at a time.

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