Jerry Jones Postgame Week 1 vs New York Giants | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
aaron rogers

Good game on to the next Go Cβ˜†wbβ˜†ys!!!!!!

    Frankie Romero


Snoop Brown

Gallup showed tf out….

    Chop Chop

    Snoop Brown my man Dak was on point tho!! That dude was accurate as hell today! 158.3 passer rating! No Cowboy QB has had a perfect passer rating since 1969!


“We took what they gave us” “they didn’t give us anything, we took it” 😳

    Curley Brockman


Ernesto james

The cowboys got recievers 3 number 1sπŸ’―

    eyemme ohigho


Jason Minton

Best owner in the NFL!..


    The Cowboys last won the Super Bowl during Clinton’s first term. Yeah, he’s a great owner

    Jason Minton

    @MMA Wait and see jackass

    Barber ShopPole

    Jason Minton I’ve literally waited my whole life. I’m 21

    Jason Minton

    @Barber ShopPole God bless you friend!! Our time has arrived!! Enjoy!!

Curley Brockman

The nfc east cornerbacks cant hang with our widerecievers that what these haters going see every week LMAO..

    Chop Chop

    Curley Brockman hell yeah!! I knew Gallup was a sleeper going into this year…but damn I didn’t know he was going to be this much of a sleeper! 7-158-0! Would have been great for him to get a TD…Dak had 1 more in em for my young gun MG! Lol but he’s going to ball out this year!


    “Our” wide receivers? Calm down, Curley. You are NOT part of the team. And say hi to Larry and Moe

    Barber ShopPole

    MMA people like you…

    Jaxson Fabrizo

    Curley Brockman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ your funny the redskins and eagles have wayyyyy better secondary’s than the giants- from a giants fan

Otter Life

Well that settles it……. Jerry’s impressed!

Stage Bandit

The one dislike is from pat shurmur

Kaptain KoRn

Dakuracy! 😎

Fernando Martinez

Love Jerry.. he wants that ring more than anything! Believe that!

Chop Chop

Hey Daniel Jones… it ain’t the preseason anymore dawg! Lol welcome to the regular season!

Michael Stanley

Cooper, Cobb, and Gallup are a problem for anyone. Cole who? Plus old man Witten catching TDs and blocking. Going to be a fun season. Go Cowboys!

Jerry Trevino

Jerry is about to backup the brinks truck πŸ’° πŸ’΄ πŸ’΅

Wisest Owl

Why does the camera have to be all up in every crevice of Jerry’s face?

Chris Nixon

This is best rounded team I’ve seen since 95

Artur Rofi

Mr Jones, we got a Team & thank u for that.
Maybe Gen. Patton as a head coach if you know what I mean ;).

Chanelle Cook

Each week we get too see the super bowl just watch.

Flat Matrix

I know this won’t happen til Jerry is dead but I wish he would just shut up sometimes. The fact is the Cowboys could have BEEN great for the last 20 years if he would’ve just stayed the hell out of the way. Facts.

Fernando Obregon

Jerry is right they took those yards with speed fast recievers

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