Jerry Jones On 105.3 The Fan 9/10/19 | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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rainbow6 siege Reply


    WiperHunter Reply

    Someone needs a cold shower. Bless your heart

    Nintengo 1985 Reply

    WiperHunter bless your fart

    Mark James Reply

    Congratulations. Here’s a cookie.

    WiperHunter Reply

    Nintengo 1985
    Sorry about the Giants. Hey, there’s always next year?

    Nintengo 1985 Reply

    WiperHunter try harder.

WiperHunter Reply

Jerry pays players, not prostitutes.


Ok for me, i want 2c how the team play the skins? Cuz i”ve seen this b4 so, go blow out the skins and make me happy

Jammal Williams Reply

” Great comments by Jerry’ he really knows the Game” Cowboys Nation ‘ all the way to Miami’ .😀😀😀

Crawford515 Reply

Jerry is a great owner well deserved hall of famer# cowboynation

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