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Joshua Gonzales


Antonio Sanchez

The offense did what they wanted!? The same offense that turned the ball over THREE times? How do you defend the run game uhm…YOU RUN THE DAMN BALL YOURSELF!!!! We have the best back in the NFL and this offense throws the damn football and then causes turnovers and then put themselves in a position to have to throw which is bad because this team is not built and Dak is not built to win that way!


    Throw the damn ball★cowboys

    Wiz Bud

    @lblayde Lol… Then enjoy losing the majority of the remaining games.

    Whip Tech

    How about clock management at the end of the first half? You run it there and take it to the locker room. But we decided to take idiotic time outs? WHY? Lucky we didn’t get someone hurt there. So fucking dumb. Princeton education…pffffft

    Antonio Sanchez

    Whip Tech generally i agree however we’re chasing points situational football dictates decision making. Its more the initial game plan that was bad

    Whip Tech

    @Antonio Sanchez Bill Belichick doesn’t chase anything. You gotta be smarter than that. Garrett is not. His clock management has always pissed me off. This was yet another clear example. Your game plan is what it is, but when you have zero momentum, you accept that and regroup. He clearly doesn’t understand momentum or when to call timeouts. Fucking sad. What are they paying him again? Go back to warming up the QBs…he is a moron getting millions.


Well sir if that was the case why did we get beat? but i hear what u saying, Mr. Jones

Wiz Bud

Fits like a glove, but can’t beat the good teams ? Lmao… Come on Jerry, who are you trying to convince, us or yourself ?



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