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Michael Sinclair

The entire play calling was bad!!!!! No screenplay? NFL today is about trickery Jerry! 4th and 1 on say their 35 you can go for it especially when its a tight game!!!!Need to go back to our game 1 Play calling period.

Jd Hendrix

He cant answer any question with a straight answer. We all know that Jason Garrett hand picked a couple of plays and told Kellen we’re going to run with these this game. And if our plan was to go back to last year’s play calling why did they only run Zeke and not Tony. Zeke really hasn’t done anything for us this year lets see what Tony has

    Brett WB

    I don’t understand why we don’t execute plays with both Zeke and Tony on the field. What about double and triple options? Where was the play-action? Where were the screens? I thought Scott Linehan’s ghost was play calling this past weekend. I could totally see Garrett walking into Moore’s office last week and saying, “We were a tad experimental against the Giants and Redskins. We need to be more conservative with the ball against the Saints.” I could be wrong, but that’s just the vibe I’m getting.

    Jd Hendrix

    @Brett WB They’re brainwashed into this philosophy that 1st we have to establish a run in order to pass or doing anything else. So when they stop the run were just like some retards out there running into a brick wall the entire game getting one yd at a time

Kevin Bautista

Man these were some good questions! From a first time listener, thank you.

Silver Ancient

Jerry: always speaking the words of wisdom!

    Jd Hendrix


Brett WB

Is there any news on Randy Gregory? The last I heard was that he was filing for reinstatement.

Joseph Friedling

Jerry is sounding a little old and confused – he also sounds very “de-briefed” which means “Dad, keep you f*&king mouth shut about the classified topics.” Good hearing from Jerry, and it sounds like things are moving in the right direction in Big D.


Think about what he said. It took a loss in the playoffs to make changes. Shouldn’t the team be making changes even mid game, mid quarter. Wtf

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