Jerry Jones: “I’ve Earned the Right to Joke With Zeke” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rocky Gonzales

Jerry You Rock Bro
Go Dallas Cowboys

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Rocky Gonzales You should marry him

    Rocky Gonzales

    @Kamryn Vanatta
    I’ll merry you better lol

Alfredo Munoz

Zeke can’t do Jerry wrong come on… After all Jerry has done For Zeke. I wish the Cowboys Do well this 2019 season, for Jerry, for Jaylon, whitten, and fans… Coming From an Eagle’s Fan.

    Jayden Robles

    @Alfredo Munoz from a cowboys fan thanks for everything man hope both our teams do some great stuff this year best of luck ! 💪🔥

    Alfredo Munoz

    @C-HAD Farley sorry

    Jonathan Bruns

    Hey Alfredo that kind of thinking and vibrations lead to many blessings and positive energy..well said brother..Wish well for Everyone even if you are on different sides of the field 💪🏾..Peace..Love…Happiness

    Alfredo Munoz

    @Jonathan Bruns same goes to you… Good Luck

    Jason Fisher

    @Kamryn Vanatta I’m so sick of this b.s. Zeke carries this team rhetoric. This man has 9 total TDs In each of the last two seasons, Dak has 6 rushing Tds in each of the last 2 seasons, so where the hell is Zeke carrying this team to, cuz it sure as hell ain’t wins. Not with those stats

Michael Diaz

Cowboy nation!!!!!

lasay inchrist


    Antonio Wilson

    @Mario03132 no your not yall been saying the samething since 95′ its 2019 stop it

    Jason Bradham

    @Mario03132 pay Zeke


    Don’t need him

    Brian Agnew

    Hear it every year, wait for the season buddy

Shannon Sharpe

Jerry earned the right to joke with Zeke, all the stuff he put jerry through

    Roger S-Man

    @Lava LifeGuard We talking Zeke not Gordon.

    Antonio Wilson

    @Mario03132 the past 3 years he definitely did what happened in 2017 without zeke? No playoffs that’s what happened

    Dana Jett

    Shannon Sharpe= biggest cowboys hater, you never impressed me in the past jackass😂✌️

    Michael Burgess

    Hell yeah he do, he pay him and take care of his problems on and OFF the damn field. Also if you’re employer who has invested alot in you with their personal time and money cant have a joke and you take it seriously then you above yourself and need to take a time out and reevaluate the situation

    Antonio Wilson

    @Dana Jett not hating just truth only 3 playoffs wins since 95′ what’s too hate on

Loaded Glock

“The team takes precedent and Jaylon gets that”. I wish more professional athletes got it. Fan loyalty is taken for granted, players want to win but wont sacrifice any money to make that happen. Except for the select few

    Joey Fingaz

    I’m not questioning your loyalty, but majority of the players realize that these “fans” will cheer for you one second, then curse your family the next. They need to get paid while they can, because the bottom line is it will always be a business. Is Zeke hurting his chances? Yes, but few have a story like Jaylon’s. Can’t compare the two..

    Jason Fisher

    Lmao, people want these players to be loyal to their teams, but how many of these teams are gonna be loyal to their players?

    Steve Walston

    Jaylon got paid its not like he is not a multi millionaire now

    Loaded Glock

    The point is taking a nice payday dosent mean you have to set the market.

    Steve Walston

    @Loaded Glock agree 1000 percent

Rayvon Wills

So happy Jaylon signed his deal man

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Rayvon Wills Cool nobody cares man

    Julio Sanchez

    Kamryn Vanatta why so salty?


    Shes a karen thats why

    D S

    @Kamryn Vanatta u gotta be a sheagles fan. Lol. All on cowboys post hating

    Lava LifeGuard

    @D S you haven’t figured that out yet?

Greyman Reb

Whoever posts these, good work but please bump up the audio! Thanks!


    yes pls the audio is 2 low

lasay inchrist


Greg White

Much respect Mr. Jones!

John Jackson

An excellent message right at the end of the video. Dak, Zeke, Amari and Byron, pay heed to those words.

    Lava LifeGuard

    Dak wanting a 34+ million dollar contract makes me laugh! All we heard this off-season was how much Dak and Gallup were working together on the long ball. Against the Rams, Gallup has to stop, turn around and wait for the ball! Dak will never be able to throw the long ball like Romo or Aikman!

    Jason Bradham

    @Lava LifeGuard damn I’m actually in agreement with something you said kiddo.


Zeke is being ungrateful to a man that went to bat for him EVERY off-season. I’m with team Jones, let Zeke sit. I’m sure he is racking up bills in Mexico that his agent hasn’t hit him with. Zeke needs to honor the current contract…


    He needs to at least show up for the team like Dak and Amari. A deal will get done.

    Henry A


    TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    Racking up BuFflo bills like leon lett

    Jason Bradham

    @WiperHunter when? If he didn’t hold out they’d make him wait
    You must pay the best back in football y’all Kool aid drinking kids

    Abel Rendon

    Jason Bradham Jerry IS going to pay Zeke, but not by being forced, he’ll pay him when it’s best for the team

Adriane Courtney

Elliott just needs to show up they are going to pay him any way Jerry will get it done it would get done faster if he was in dallas working 🤷 and im a big fan of Elliott

    Jason Bradham

    He’s working harder than you where he’s at. Pay him and he’ll come back. Simple

Lorenzo Richardson

Gotta admit Jerry is right, and these guys are still breaking bank with team friendly deals. That’s how new England been winning all these years


    That’s fact homie. New England is a good example

    Mr. Unknown

    That and cheating

    Rob Byrd

    @Mr. Unknown you dont cheat your way to 6 superbowls

    Mr. Unknown

    @Rob Byrd Well patriots did so I guess you can.

Lorenzo Richardson

Jerry went against Goodall twice backing up Zeke and that’s the thanks he get

    Henry A

    Lorenzo Richardson amen!

    Jason Bradham

    Goodell was in the wrong, not Zeke. My how y’all sheep forget it was dropped.




    Jason Bradham but you forget that all issues stem from Zeke’s behavior. Everything else is just a reaction/consequence.

    Rob Byrd

    @Jason Bradham that’s Jerry’s point. He knew Goodell was in the wrong, which is why he tried to get him fired.


The best owner in football

    Henry A

    mikejay7516 amen!

    Jason Bradham

    Hahaha y’all forget how the 90s could’ve been much better but Jerry fired Jimmy and hired Barry and won one more title with Jimmy’s team. Could’ve been 5 or 6 titles.

    Jason Fisher

    @Jason Bradham it wasn’t just Jimmy’s firing that caused the downfall of that team, it was also in part because of the implementation of the salary, but I agree, jerry is not the best owner In football

Jonny H

JJ can I trade my Zeke jersey for a Jaylon well said JJ it’s about the team

Fernando Martinez

When did Freddy Roach become a reporter?


Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. He might speak softly, but he too carries a big stick.

Dynamic Dallas

It’s not like they didn’t offer zeke anything. They offered him good money but he wants more. To me that sounds like he is being ungrateful.

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