Jerry Hughes Mic’d Up In Win vs. LA Rams | Buffalo Bills – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jerry Hughes Mic’d Up In Win vs. LA Rams | Buffalo Bills

For this edition of Mic'd Up, we put the mic on veteran Defensive End Jerry Hughes as he and the tenacious Bills defense took Jared Goff and the L.A. Rams to task.

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Hasan Altheblah Reply


    Chris Delagarza Reply

    NOPE 👎🏻 & you liked your own comment.

    Hasan Altheblah Reply

    Chris Delagarza 🤣

Matthew Harman Reply

LOOKING forward to THIS!!! GO BILLS!!!! I BILLIEVE!!!!!

polyrhythmic1 Reply


Sonya Capotblanc Reply

That was fun. Can we do it again go bills. Much love..

    James Sanders Reply

    Tons of Bills fans have heart conditions, better not.

    Sonya Capotblanc Reply

    James Sanders am probably one of them. After a game I sure do give my heart a workout. But I love it. Big fan. Let’s go bills..

Michael Caywood Reply

I may not be the first dislike of The Buffalo Bills video, but I won’t be the last one.

    F the jets Reply

    Your salty

    Gabe Reply

    Well at least your wife was smart enough to separate you and your kids from seeing each other. At she knew first you were a bum from the start

    Chris Hutka Reply


Piable Reply

Be careful saying 3-0 with 15 seconds left. Music city comeback still hurts!

    James Sanders Reply

    That’s why Bass squibbed it after that.

Bill Tooke Reply

Epenesa looks smaller than Milano

Go Bills. Jerry’s motor doesn’t quit

ray ray mccloud II Reply

pls get back to it defense need sum plays

    ray ray mccloud II Reply

    dont even need to be plays lol just let the other team get field goals thats cool

abucelato Reply

Anyone else annoyed by John Murphy? For whatever reason i cannot stand his play by play. Maybe because i grew up listening to Van Miller. I just find John Murphy dry as hell and when he gets excited he screeches uhhhhh.

    Cjkavy Reply

    you might be the only person on earth that dislikes John Murphy

    abucelato Reply

    @Cjkavy haha Fair Enough. Don’t know what it is

    Bonus77 Reply

    I think John Murphy does a great job. It’s just hard to follow the great Van Miller. He was the BEST EVER.

Gabe Reply

I like them air Jordan’s cleats Jerry Hughes have. Also got happy for Aj Epenesa for getting his first sack and looking forward to more 👀

Blablabla Blabittybla Reply

They did “start it up fast and hit em in the mouth.”
Good thing.

Jacob Stewart Reply

Kingggg 👑

Fenoix Flyte Reply

3:11 same……

Boss of the Bosses Reply

Buffalo “ref” Bills 😂

GG Kk Reply

3-0! Let’s go Buffalo!!


Tidera Reply

Love Jerry and his energy he brings to the team! #GoBills!!

FlinchD Reply

Jerry needs to play better.

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