Jeff Ulbrich speaks on Arizona Cardinals matchup, defense facing Kyler Murray – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
I'm That Guy Eddie

Idc about this just Fire dann Quinn

Christopher Yang

Same ole’ interviews. How many more until we die from this 💀

Pepper 526

Fire Dan Quinn and sign gerrit cole to the braves

hector Torres

Stunt, stunt, stunt, d line needs to stunt more, put a spy on kyler, mix up zone blitz

Anthony Wright

I’m a Falcons fan that refuses to give up on the team and refuse to be negative like most (not all) Falcons fans are. The Falcons will recover as we have no where to go but up and we will go up!!! I fully trust that massive changes are being made at this retreat that the team is on, both offensively and defensively.



    Lazor _US

    #RiseUp #Redsea #NoFlyZone Kyler murray 🔥🔥


Please play better

Trevor J

I’m upset because we used stunt pressures in the preseason, but haven’t really used them since. We are not a defense that can plain rush and win one on one matchups. Our defense has to be schemed to win. And right now that’s not what’s happening. Teams have passing lanes wherever they want. As a defense, we not taking away any part of the offenses game.

A sad falcons Fan

Braves down 13-1 rn. The georgia sports curse strikes again.

julius jones

First dan Quinn

cheese gang!

Like forJeff Ulbrich for head coach.

Barry Stephens



    U ant lying

Anthony Jones

Well he actually dont sound like a robot lol

Somebody auditioning for a job 😂😂😂

Chadason McGraw

I am excited about this match up on Sunday. The Cardinals are improving but not there yet, and I am excited to see what the Falcons will challenge the Cardinals with.

Lazor _US

Kyler murray easy win

    Lazor _US

    @UC2MDiOFbx9g69zO7bpi2IDg Falcons defense ranks 31 against the Run

    Matt Tait

    But it doesn’t, please know what your talking about before making a statement. If your going to look at True defense stats look at DVOA.

    Lazor _US

    @Matt Tait facts cardinals defense is bad but Falcons is worse

Good Looking Honkey

We are done! These speeches and conferences aren’t doing anything for anyone. Stop doing them! It’s embarrassing

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