Jeff Heath: We Have The Guys To Get The Job Done | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kevin’s Durant’s Burner Reply

Gotta make tackles consistently

Julian and Ashley Garcia Reply

Bill Bates 2.0

Chris Pee Reply

He cool but they need Eric berry

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Reply

    Nah, he’s too old.

    Herman Taft Reply

    @John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Too beat up…

    Emilio Ramirez Reply

    Chris Pee hopefully they go get Eric Berry. Jeff Heath is good but he needs to be more consistent

The Star Reply

We definitely have the guys to get the job done. Go Cowboys!

Chase Dyer Reply

One of the only great players to come from Saginaw. That’s my dude


scrub. mr wiff. get off my team. 🙄

Nicolas Garcia Reply

Love or hate Heath he’s a playmaker ..

Rey Roman Reply

Heath Got Sumthin!! *Lets Go Heath*
Go Cowboys!!!

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