Jeff Heath: Hopefully He Recovers Quickly | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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David Ricks Reply

Is that reporter who confused Rosen and Hurns the same guy who called Devin Smith, Devin Street? If so, that is some really shoddy work on his part.

    Ryan M Reply

    If so, the guy is a complete fucktard.

    Help me get 100 subs with 0 content please Reply

    Unpreparedness is sad.

De Von Reply

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

    Buttercookie Cinnamini Reply

    Cutest pic ever🤣🤣🤣

ETC Mob. Reply

When I saw it, i said “oh lord, Heath killed another player.”

    Kelley Mitchell Reply

    Same ha. I was like “Oh my god he’s dead”
    Career Ending Heath.

    Jeremy Hutchings Reply

    Lmao same

Stewart Robinson Reply

Good play. Hope hurns ok! Fr

    Buttercookie Cinnamini Reply

    Not a good play. I miss Hurns.

    Stewart Robinson Reply

    @Buttercookie Cinnamini hey. He was going for the ball.. Stevie wonder. Can c that!!

    Deputy Campbell Reply

    @Buttercookie Cinnamini was a clean play stop hating.

Jared Grimes Reply

Jeff Heath seeking missle! BOOM!!💥

Enrique R. Machado Reply

Hard hitting Heath.. Get better Hurns

    Wes_hopwizard Reply

    He’s the new Isaac Washington.

Atoyia M Blackshear Reply


Fidds Eureka Reply

He was playing the ball, they collided

Rue Glock Reply

This comment is to all the Heath Haters! 🖕 Get educated. Learn football before commenting on it.

Gerry Stevens Reply

What his amazing is Allen Burns coming back from that horrendous ankle/leg break is what astounds me.

Jokers Wild Reply

Well said Heath

A.C. B. ART Reply

Keep hitting, pay fines, hit some more

Billy Hill Reply

say what you want is a hell of a hard hit but Jeff Heath is not a dirty player never has been nice clean hit hope he gets better fast

Roland Canchola Reply

I been playing with Jeff Heath on fortnite since the nfl released the skins lol

Vernon Andrews Reply

Chuck Cecil the 2nd!

Josh Reply

I don’t like Judd Heath as a player but his comments are awesome 👏

Mike Racks Reply

There’s times when Heath gets hit hard

Crystal Woolfolk Reply

Freak accident.. They just collided, that’s all. Jeff was going after the ball, as usual..

Michael Lynch Reply

Every single one of these players on the cowboys is coached really well on how to speak. They all give the really safe corporate answer.

wackedout13 Reply

Even Stevie wonder seen its was football move heath was going for the ball.

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