Jaylon Smith: There Is So Much We Can Fix | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jaylon Smith: There Is So Much We Can Fix | Dallas Cowboys 2019

LB Jaylon Smith speaks about playing for the first time since signing his new contract and how much the team can still improve following a 34-0 win over the Texans.

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Quinton Sanders

Man that Defense was on fire tonight I like that Wilson guy at safety

    Quinton Sanders

    @Jack Jensen taco wow!!!! Very impressed I guess he wants to be apart of this team he’s showing up so far I’m just glad we have the depth on that line Hyder! Been a beast since picking him up ready to see Quinn in action too

    Jack Jensen

    Quinton Sanders EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS ON COOPER RUSH! I was like Wow he has really improved. But man our WR depth compared to last pre-season is crazy. When literally all but maybe 1 of our receivers on the pre-season depth chart are good-great then you know we are lucky. I really hope we can keep Devin Smith. He seems like if he really puts in work he can be great. We just seem to have the best depth in the league at most positions. QB depth was a worry for me but after seeing Rush play the way he has I think if god forbid Dak has to miss a few games we might be ok.

    Jack Jensen

    Quinton Sanders man Hyder too! Holy crap I totally forgot we picked up Robert Quinn as well. It is going to be sack after sack after sack for us with all of these playmakers on the D-Line mixed with our LB’s and Corners. There is a reason they are nicknamed the HotBoyz!

    Quinton Sanders

    @Jack Jensen I can say after his performance last night I think he has earned a spot we have good players across the board hate to see some not make the cut. But this is business… I’m more impressed with the special teams play!… Even though that Maher keeps me on the edge of my seat he did good

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Quinton Sanders Y’alls defense played against a terrible offensive line don’t get satisfied dumbass lmao


Defense defense defense!!

    Dave Brown

    Yup yup yup👍🏾

    Kamryn Vanatta

    Jfal23 Overrated Overrated Overrated!!

Chris Graham


Abel Valeriano


Jack Jensen

The Colts fans are wrong for booing Luck. It’s ok to be disappointed that he won’t play this season but if he is retiring due to some serious injury that he knows will hurt his body down the line in life then people need to start having some sympathy. Should he just suffer when he gets older just to win some games and make you happy!? People are too damn selfish and think about themselves these days.

I think they are even more upset because the Colts were favored in Vegas to win the SB this year.

    Rodney's Next Chapter

    It must really suck for the colts fans but you are right

    Andrew Do

    I wouldn’t be mad at Luck. I would be mad at the organization. They took way too long to build their oline and Luck suffered from their poor drafting in his early development years. Just goes to show that an oline is just as important as an elite qb.

Ignacio Mendoza

Hot Boyz on 🔥🔥🔥 DC4L!!!!!

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