Jaylon Smith Surprises Cowboys Fan | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jesus is beast 77

Jaylon ready!!!

Da' Real Ganxsta Nip

My main man(JS) hardest hitter in the league

Erik Muniz

If Jaylon Smith does not retire a Dallas Cowboy we have failed as an organization. I couldn’t be happier for a better person than Jaylon truly an inspiration for everyone

    Jalen Lowdermilk

    Erik Muniz best pick the cowboys have made in a looong time, maybe ever if he keeps developing into the player we know he can be.


    He will as long as he continues to be great. They got him locked up for the next 7 years.

    Richard Coleman


    David Parkes

    Dude DEFINITELY deserves a ring! I definitely believe this team can do it eventually.

David Cantu

Love this dude, hope he continues to have success, GO COWBOYS!!

J Tu

Jaylon is my wife’s favorite player too. 😑. Jelly. 😒

Michael Buchanan

Jaylon Smith the captain

john gonzales

I was rooting for him ever since they drafted i knew he was ganna be a beast my favorite player on the team good luck stay healthy 💪🏽

Ernesto james

The purge is coming!

Interpol Individuals

Da captain in da house !


Love you Jaylon

Sergio Blanco

He received no money for that Dr. Pepper. Thingy..it was on the goodness of his heart.. god bless him

Lourdes Gomez

Og may the man above bless you. Way to come back .stay solid 54

Rene Perez

What a great guy.

richard ramirez

I’m not a Cowboy fan, but I am a Jaylon Smith fan. Hope you have an amazing season #54

    Troy C

    As a Cowboys fan I salute you. You have great taste in players…we love Jaylon too. All the best to you. Btw the #54 is a revered number for Dallas fans…

    donald deluxe

    that’s alright brother, I liked beast mode throughout his career and he played as a bill and a seahawk. IDK about his Oakland days though.


Jay ALWAYS stay smiling!

California Cowboy

Perfect guy to represent our cowboy class act guy

da Star

Very nice and what an athlete.

Jay Kay

Didn’t realize how big was until I saw the Dr. Pepper in his hand

Black MoonHawk

The Predator!!!

Linda Easley

This guy’s career so far is one of the greatest stories in the NFL 👍

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