Jaylon Smith and Randall Cobb React To “Pose With The Pros” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jaylon Smith and Randall Cobb React To “Pose With The Pros” | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Check out Jaylon Smith and Randall Cobb as they experience ATT's “Pose with the Pros” for the first time!
This augmented reality photo op is one of four 5G powered experiences at AT&T Stadium.

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Austin Tex Reply

It’s going down tomorrow!

#CowboysNation 🏈

Silver Time Reply

That’s pretty cool actually

Silver Time Reply

Notice they didnt select Zeke tho lol

    First Name Last Name Reply

    Silver Time yet he was in the picture on the phone at 0:29 poor editing skills by whoever edited this lol

Jesse Sherman Reply

That’s actually pretty dope .

Jomar Anthony Reply


thegreeknyc Reply

Let’s Go!!!

mack 360 Reply

Why jaylon looks like a muscular version of offset

Silmarrillion123 Reply

I hope they have that when I got in October. That’s pretty cool. 📷

SSG Panda Reply

They meant hoes with the pros. Dem boys are fresh

da Star Reply


Hope Ligon Reply

We are planning to go to Dallas for Thanksgiving again but decided to put some funds back to attend a playoff game. Of course it would be a dream for the team to get to the big game since we are 3 1/2 hours from Miami ☺️ so we have to wait and see

Brian Peters Reply


lisa colon Reply

😍 💕

    Chris Pee Reply

    lisa colon what’s your snap

    Logan Reyes Reply

    @Chris Pee niggas horny

albert sko Reply

..its showtime tomorrow. Lets go >>>>> Cowboys….!!!

Josh Benton Reply

I wish I could do that and meet them and GO COWBOYS SILVER BULLETS SIXTH RING BOUND SEEKERS

Chauncy Gilmore Reply

Bring back Alfred Morris and get rid of Zeke

    Logan Reyes Reply

    Delete your account

Daily Dose Of Internet Reply

I would love to feature this video on my channel! Let’s work together Cowboys?

Paul Ispaul Reply

Once the picture is taken, there is a lack of privacy never seen before. Fans should write their cell phone number or email in view of everyone. A stupidity never seen before.

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