Jaylen Samuels on home opener loss to Seattle Seahawks | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Steven Conrad

Jaylen meant to say this: PUT DEIANTE JOHNSON IN!!!


This kid is great

Keith Dawson

Folks getting down on the team and with good reason. But if anyone with eyes saw the connection between Washington and Rudolph in college and the preseason and don’t believe there is no hope is blind. He’s the reason Dobbs is in Jacksonville. With juju getting doubled and moncrief clearly not a number 2 option Washington will show up and show out. And oh yeah, Samuels can ball too. Go Steelers

Rotten Sircus

If anybody starts that fire Coach Tomlin “BS” I want you to go kill yourself !!! We’re 0-2 but this season ain’t over !!! #Steelers4Life #SteelersNation

Steeler Juju19

We done time to rebuild

Brian Erney

What just happen to Steelers 2 loss all ready having won first game yet 🤦‍♂️ 😡 😡 😡 what going with Steelers I missed old Steelers went out there win ever game now just losing get your head game start winning first game turn this round get serious get your act together start winning football games this getting ridiculous I still believe in my team go out there and win first football game

sons of liberty

We need 2 moves, cut moncrief, and trade whatever to get Fitzpatrick from mia. J sam will be fine till Conner gets back and Snell finally looks like his camp legs are healed. I don’t think he was in good enough shape and camp, otas,combine, all took a toll on him. Edmonds gives up like 2 tds a game, Fitzpatrick could put this d over the top.

Malachi sutton

Put diontae johnson in. Moncrief aint doing what needs to be done

Malachi sutton

i just realized jaylen ramsey requested a trade. We should send moncrief and maybe a pick to jackson ville for jaylen ramsey


We need to stop the popularity line ups. Put Deonte Johnson in over Moncrif and start Samuels over Conner and we ready. Rudolph chemistry with the young WRs is better than Ben’s chemistry. I’m not saying he’s better than Ben, but he played all preseason with them.IJS

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