Javien Elliott details his improbable football journey – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ray Cordova Reply

Keep pounding

Ray Cordova Reply


Ray Cordova Reply


Ray Cordova Reply

Big family

kam legree Reply


Ernest Kapu Reply

Team win a super bowl

God Of Blackness Reply

#FlagOnThePlay …Cann’s neck is a whole ‘nother color from her face. Lol

    Neake22 Reply

    Say Word…. homegirl looks like a good “rider” in that seat though. Lol!!

Chris Johnson Reply

Great sit down and interview

Levi Reply

She was definitely diggin him lol but i aint gon lie she lookin kinda tasty.

    Jonathan Weissbach Reply

    Levi tf

    Pierre Toussaint Reply

    You mean to you because she’s average

Jerrick Cole Reply

Welcome to the Carolina Panthers, Elliott.

CarolinaGirl Reply

Thrilled to have you as a part of Panther Nation. Welcome, Javien! #KeepPounding πŸ’™πŸΎπŸ–€

    Jaredpool Brownman14746 Reply

    I am happy to see A CB version of Luke Kuechly. He is using his roughness on the field.

OG LOC Reply

We need bonnafon as cam #1 deep threat , an get holyfield behind Scarlett & MCcraffey .

    SirMag Reply

    Holyfield is on the ps, they should play bonnafon more tho, and Scarlett. Idk bout the dude being a #1 deepthreat lmao.we’ll see .

    Deion Moore Reply


Lewis Szucs Reply

Lookin really good caroline.

SirMag Reply

My favorite part is coming to the comments to see all the people that don’t know what they’re talking about. But it’s also really wholesome, bc we’re all fans and we want the same thing. Still enjoy myself reading comments none the less.

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