Jason Witten’s Emotion Reaction To Message From His Family | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
D14 Sallad

You got this witten let go get the trophy


Welcome back JW.


im not crying you are🥺

Daniele Pica

i dont think theres a pro athlete all around the country that deserves a ring more than Jason Witten.

    Tyler Main

    Not 1 person deserves it more than Witt in my opinion


    Him and Larry Fitzgerald

Wallas Espinoza

where can i get that hoodie

Walt Wear

JW is the boss

Tim Gundlach

Class act and beautiful family. I hope he gets his ring. Regardless, he is still a champion.

Dividend Income

The GOAT!!! Go get that ring Witten, Cowboys Nation appreciates you!!!

Josh Talbott

Awesome video my son didn’t play football but he chose 82 for his baseball jersey because of that man and sadly we lost my beautiful boy in 2017 82 forever 🙏




This is OUR year baby LETS GO


Go win that ring Witten! We’re all behind you!


Jason I was so glade when I heard you were coming back this season to play for the Cowboys!  I am a US Army retired VET from TN, and have been following your career every since your college days at UT.  I have been a Cowboys fan since I was 7 years old back in 1977.  I was so happy when the Cowboys drafted you! and you have been my favorite Cowboy ever since then.  I was so sad when you decided to retire without getting a SB win.  You seem like a very nice guy, and a awesome family man, and just the kind of guy to hang out with even if you were not a famous NFL player.  You are right Jason, I also feel like this season is going to be special for you, your family, and the Cowboys organization!  I believe if anyone deserves a SB ring it’s you, you deserve it!  I can’t wait to see you play against the Vikings on November 10th, my son and I are flying down from Washington State (my wife is from Washington), LOL!  Anyway, I hope this message somehow finds you!  God bless you and your family Jason! and God bless the Dallas Cowboys!…….Paul!

    Im Slippery

    Thank you for your service.


    Your are very welcome!

ronald how about dem boys thomas

That was beautiful motivation from the a beautiful family that made me cry get that ring Jason Witten you deserve it finish the fight on the final chapter get the ring

Joseph Sagastume

It was probably an eagles fan who disliked this video 😒

Craig Royce

It’s time for this man to get a ring or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 he deserves it

Hey Momma

Yall probably made old man wit cry before the game lmao

Dallas Cowboys 365

That’s my guy…. go get trophy 🏆 for him boys!!! Send him out in style like he deserves 💙💙DC4L

Dallas Cowboys 365

Love that sweatshirt. Gonna try and order one right now

Bossk 619

This man deserves a ring right now more than any other player right now

Noir Simmer

That was emotional. Trying to hold back some tears 😭

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