Jason Witten: We’ve Had Three Rough Ones | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Eddie V Reply

Their should have been a hot read that audibles 1 route at the LOS at least 1 route into a quick release route to the strong side .

Grady Hoss Music Reply

This team has never been “next man up”!!! We lose one or 2 guys the whole ship sinks!! Been like this for a decade now. Philly loses 6 key guys and remain competitive.

    True Gooner Reply

    They actually do things in free agency, we don’t. That’s the difference. They pay, we solely draft. We do this because in the past, Jerry and Co. made the stupidest of decisions in FA that sunk our cap, now we solely draft and hope to hit on talent with low ball contracts to help us out. Too bad that’s not how most NFL teams build a roster.


Witten, you need to take your money and run for the hills. The team is coached by Jerry Jones first, and Jason Garrett second…they are both clowns! The cowboys will never be a winning team with either of them at the helm.

Alberto Ortiz Reply

JASON get ur team our TEAM very aggressive and straight man

adrian g Reply

Not even close to super bowl

Jonny H Reply

Your play book only has 5 plays in it time for a chance

Teddy T Reply

go home witten. enough already. 🤦‍♂️

mrmoss Reply

Jason you’re old, slow, & makin’ a mess of things. You’ve gotten long in the tooth….GO HOME!!!

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    When he breaks a hip he will have to go home

True Prison Stories by Gary York Reply

Look at these arm chair quarterbacks telling Witten to go home. Probably all chair and no game these guys talking. Keep catching those clutch passes and touchdowns Jason.

kenneth miller Reply

Maybe you should have went to seahawks instead of playing for jason.

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