Jason Witten: We Stayed Aggressive | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jason Witten: We Stayed Aggressive | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Tight end Jason Witten discusses the Cowboys’ approach in the opener and how they look to build on the offense’s success moving forward.

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Anthony Alvarado


Calvin Johnson

Every team will eat some humble pie throughout the season. But it’s about how you respond after you eat the humble pie. Only then will you know what kind of team you have….

Spoon Jones

Great to have Jason Witten back

Artur Rofi

Yes Witten, you stand correct, simple is not that easy.. but once simplicity is achieved, it makes everything so much easier.
Man, I am happy to have u back on our team.

King D

Dak makes passes that QBs should make and executes well, Giants are so horrible. Giants beat Cowboys Dak is not that good and they should have played Zeke more. Carson Wentz under exact same circumstances, is absolutely going to have an MVP season. He’s amazing.

I find that… I find that… ridiculous.

    Dark Prince

    🤔…I think I SMELL Philly cheese steak. #undercoverbirdlurkin😏#hopeyourbirdsareready!!

William Spence

Classy man

Garrett Horsch

Happy to have witten back. Great leader and motivational.

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