Jason Witten: This Opportunity Is Rare | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nick Kowalsky

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Retire Witten please!!

    Unapologetic 662

    This man is poison.

    Smack Ish

    They need to put jarwin in


    @Guitarslingin Zombiekiller when 2045?

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    @gmoneyboys1 Ikr

    Jaguar Warrior

    It’s not written in his heart to quit. Real fighters stay in the fight no matter if your losing, you don’t throw in the towel. Nothing stops a true grit heart of a Iron Cowboy! Grid Iron Team player”

Danny villa


    Andrew Essence


    Kevin Hanson

    Andrew Essence sheep.. more like

Lil dude from Texas

True hero

Jerry Junior

This is Witten’s chance to prove why he came back, we needed him last year in that divisional round matchup, now that we do have him, I expect him to make some big catches, enough with the dropped passes.

Jaguar Warrior

You came back for a reason Witten” You saw a team that can achieve the dream. Cowboys are still alive and you guys can make it happen. Take it to the field and battle it out. “Believe it and you will achieve it” Team work” Step Up and Stay Up!

Trojan Hell

Same repetitive garbage … this team is getting way to warm
And cuddly with losing ….

Trojan Hell

Having Witten ok field sucks … I like Jarwin more

    David Lopez

    It’s not that he sucks, he has just gotten really slow as he’s aged and I have always liked Witten, but every time Jarwin is in it seems like he breaks one away for a TD or he just makes a big catch when we need him to. So I do agree put Jarwin in. That’s one the teams downfall. We sometimes keep the wrong player on the starting lineup when it’s obvious that there’s other players playing better

Linda Easley

Witten should have stayed retired .He has only impeded Jarwin



ThE PrEdAtOr

Witten came back to win a superbowl. Not sure why he thought this team had a chance but I dont think hes back next season. Dallas is 2-3 years away from being a contender.

Ausie Thompson

As cowboys fans we’ve been hearing this 💩💩💩all year. So disappointed..

john hutcheson

From this point on anytime you are inside the opponents 30 yard line it is 4 down territory. The only time you kick a field goal in that moment is if you are ahead. 3 points will not help. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure. The Defense Sucks Anyway. GO FOR IT.

John Doe

I’d take Novachek over Witten anyday

All up in the videos....

Witten, I appreciate your years of service to this team. You’re definitely a legend, hall of famer, a warrior and all of that. But……
It’s time to let it go bro. You honestly look like you’re hurting every time you start running. It’s time to let the young boys shine, Jawrin. If anything, coach him up.

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