Jason Witten: It’s Their Team Now | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jason Witten: It’s Their Team Now | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The future Hall of Famer discusses how he balances being a veteran presence but also stepping back and allowing other leaders take control.

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Abel De la garza Reply

Play like you practice baby #DC4L MAKE THAT STAR SHINE

KennyT-757 Reply

If we had 53 guys on this roster that had the work ethic the passion to win and the determination along with the football IQ that Jason Witten has…this team with the talent it has would win 5 Super Bowl’s in a row

LUIS ALBERTO Contreras Reply

Looks like Heisenberg… XD

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    LUIS ALBERTO Contreras You act like that was funny when it really wasn’t 😑 quit being a fucking idiot

Monae Moments Reply

so glad to have you back !

    oneofspades Reply

    Take over Mr. Cowboy. Hold up that Lombardy.

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    @oneofspades Only one Mr Cowboy, ask Bob Lilly!

Joshua Branson Reply

Witten has the Speed of a lineman but damn can the boy catch amd damn if he isnt always open

MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo Reply

Its sad if its someone elses team other than the elite players that are on there.. It sould be there team.. The hotboys make the team special.. But its not there team yet they didnt earm the reap.. Of having over 100 games without missing one consecutive.. Yes there the new hype comming up .. But they are not him nor other players on the roster that have been there long before they came.. Dont disprect a team member because you both need one another .. And he is a Legend and when them hotboys can do what ha has achieved by not missing a game consecutive yea then you have that type of personal on the team but befor then .. Ease up on this guy and a few others

NerdRN Reply

Mad respect for Jason Witten! Phenomenal work ethic, excellent leader by example, impeccable character on & off the field, and so generous and charitable with his time off the field! America, not just the NFL, but THIS COUNTRY needs more men like him. Can’t wait to see him prove all these fans and media know-it-alls dead wrong. He’s gonna ball out, just watch!

Robert Bennett Reply

FEAR THA BEARD, JASON !!! Thanks for coming back. You’re STILL the original GAME CHANGER !!! I wanna see you COACH our young guys.

Gabe Morin Reply

My fav player all time!

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