Jason Witten: It’s An Accountable Group | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Nathan Kohler Reply

Go Cowboys!!!!!

aaron rogers Reply

We’ll be fine Cowboys Nation!!!!

    Buck Buck Reply

    You Havnt been..in a long.long.long time

    aaron rogers Reply

    @Buck Buck okay we’re not the only team that has bad days just supporting my team

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    aaron rogers No you won’t Eagles taking that division Dak is trash and has been exposed when the Cowboys lose America wins #flyeaglesfly

Aaron Rodgers Reply

Go back to broadcasting, bum.

MrTerminator73 Reply

Jason Witten is great player and good guy but damn is he a company man. Why doesn’t he be the leader and rip these guys. Cowboys need a locker room leader and a real coach.

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

    You think he’s gonna RIP his teammates in front of the media’s cameras and microphones? That’s not what a leader does, lol.

    MrTerminator73 Reply

    @Guitarslingin Zombiekiller of course not. lol A team meeting and go watch some interviews of Charles Haley. He showed his anger and spoke without ripping the team. Witten could do that in the same way and not the B.S. of accountable or continuity or whatever Carrot head tells him.

The Brew that do Reply

These are great learning lessons and humbling. Just glad it’s early and not later in the season…

Heem Boy Reply

DC4L We Will Be Alright. We Beat Ourselves The Last Two Weeks With Turnovers, And Being Undisciplined On Defense.

lisa colon Reply

Tell Garrett he needs to throw you short passes on the first yard line 🤩

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