Jason Witten: I Think We Have The Right Makeup | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Marquisha Franklin

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    wedemboyz** DC4L



Witten been saying the same thing for a decade. “We have the right makeup”, “We have the right kind of guys”, “People care in this locker room”…..just shut up and WIN for once snitch.

    Randy Lahey

    Who pissed in you’re cheerios? The man has done his job wtf else you want from him? It takes a whole team in the NFL in case you didn’t know.


    Bro, Wit didn’t lose the game for us single handedly. Yes it sucked he didn’t take care of the ball on that pass, believe me, nothing you can say will make him feel any worst about that. It was a tough game, we beat our selves and add to it the refs didn’t help either. Bad calls and poor execution. We had our chances. Shows again you have to take care of the ball..


Witten where is your support for Dez coming home?

wedemboyz** DC4L


Eagle Eye

Well said give props where due!😂😂😍🤩🤩😘😘😋🤔

Sheila Armstrong

Dak Prescott is a way better quarterback than Tony Romo

David W. Johnson

Please don’t fumble again Sunday. Whole team lost momentum after that

Snoop Brown

Glad Witten is back… Saints was a wake up call… Don’t get cocky or comfortable when y’all win…


Imagine loosing to the saint and then think you’re gonna beat a WAY better team in the packers LMAO


    Michael Scofield uh I was bored it was 2am

    Jared Grimes

    I’m trying to wrap my mind around it and I just can’t

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