Jason Witten: An Old Guy Trying To Make A Play | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
No fear 380

Glad to see Jason back I hope to see Amari, Randal Cobb, Gallup, Jason on the starters this year


Jason looks really good so far.

JR Prod.

Witt legit looks old…

lasay inchrist

C’mon cowboys let’s get Witt A SB 👍👍

Chase McBrien

Witten looks tired. Is he good enough to make the team?

    Daniel Garcia

    More than you

    Chase McBrien

    @Daniel Garcia I wasn’t being insulting. He just seemed really tired. When he played in previous years he didn’t look drained, even after practices and games.
    I am an elderly man. I hope he would make the team over me. If not, then I guess they will give him a free ride on the roster this season for all his past contributions to the team.

Mark Pitre

Witt is proof that raw athleticism is only a part of being a pro. Meticulous study of the game plays into knowing how to get open. He just has a knack of getting open.


I just wanna see him stiff arm someone into Oblivion again

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