Jason Licht on First Round Pick Joe Tryon, Day One of 2021 Draft | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Welcome Joe Tryon. Go hunt the Quarterback young man. With the Veterans and Young lions on the team. You have a wealth of knowledge to learn from. Go get the Camps a 2nd ring and your first!

Alexander Jones

The question is why ???when we need help on the offensive line and in the secondary

    Tyler Leech

    There’s still 6 rounds left. Donovan Smith, Marpet, Cappa, Carlton, SMB, Dean, Gholston, Whitehead, Edwards, Winfield, CG, Brate, Scotty, Tyler Johnson, Ronald Jones etc were all picked after round 1. Secondary is still young and will improve. Licht has made some pretty good and great picks after day 1. Still a lot of players to be added to the team. Walker little, Creed Humphrey, wyatt davis and Landon Dickerson are some OL names to watch for

    Vincent Williams

    You guys act if we didn’t just win a super bowl with our young DB’S. Build the depth great pick.

    Trey Medlow

    All of our secondary are young, they have who are going to play. Murphy-Bunting played great in the playoffs so I’m not sure we were exposed. The defense held the Packers in check, our offense just stalled and Brady threw some careless picks. The secondary came together in the playoffs and really stepped up. They now have experience and confidence to go with their youth, they’re only going to get better. The o line could use some more depth though so I definitely agree with that.

    David O

    SMB was great, but he isn’t our nickel. Dean is, and he was exposed. If Rodgers runs on that 3rd down, they could have tied the game with a 2point conversion. I don’t hate the pick, but a CB picked at the 32 spot would be a starter for us.

    Major Marketing

    If anyone on D line gets hurt, this kid plays. Great pick

blacked mirror

See you in a couple years when you make the field! I love it. Build that future.

    Major Marketing

    Injuries do happen. He can play very soon

    Nice Hat

    @Major Marketing Fingers crossed that something like that doesn’t happen.

Charles W Jansen II

Great that Jason and the staff stuck to their guns. Welcome to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Joe Tryon.

YoungHustler Joke

Yea Boy

john wonder

Sam Cosmi was still there. Talented L tackle. D. Smith got hosed in the Bears game last year. If Brady gets hurt , all this goes away.


    Smith did amazing in the playoffs and signed another extension left tackle wasn’t even a thought

    Justin Gardner

    My favorite LT in this class.

    Kyle Lowrey

    Knock on wood right now!.. lol..

Estate of Meredith

Another Solid pick, he will contribute right away after gets comfortable in our scheme. Can’t wait to see what Bowles can do with him.

As fast as the pick was in you can tell Joe was definitely their guy.

    Justin Gardner

    I disagree, I think there were guys they had higher who got taken. I do think there’s truth to the fact he was higher on their board than guys picked but he wasn’t who they were hoping for. Its why he said he was #1 ” at the time” AND we had a list of guys we were comfortable with even if he ” was the last”, we were gonna stay and take him. I think he was last on the list and its why the war room was kind of going through the motions on the celebration. Also he doesn’t seem too happy or excited as drafts in the past.

    Troy Jones

    @Justin Gardner I imagine they did have players ahead of him picking at #32. And after waiting 3 hrs and at midnight I’d be less energetic than picking in the first half of the draft like we’ve been doing since forever ago too. Great observations 🤦‍♂️

    Nice Hat

    @Justin Gardner we can only make assumptions. Nobody really knows but the Bucs front office. It’s safest to assume that he was high on the Bucs draft board because they picked him in the first round despite the fact that he opted out last year and didn’t play at all. It’d be awfully risky to pick a player that hasn’t been playing, in the first round if he wasn’t already high on your draft board. Though I’m sure the Bucs would have preferred any one of the handful of left tackles taken before their turn, it is out of their control. At this point they’re only drafting for depth and insurance not for necessity.

    Estate of Meredith

    It is conceivable that they would have preferred Oweh who has a higher ceiling with such insane athletic ability. You can’t go wrong with production though. Who do you think they would have realistically wanted more?

    JOK would be a fun Swiss Army knife for Bowles, he’s still there. Tevan Jenkins would add some great depth and nasty streak to the o-line and he’s still there.

    Do you think they wanted Rousseau? One of the running backs? Payton Turner the Cam Jordan clone (more suitable for 4/3 end)?

    Tryon has a relentless motor, great character, he’s far from a developmental player and can be a double digit sack guy. Shaq Barrett and JPP will help him develop quickly and he can cover (Kyle Pitts) so Bowles can bring White on more blitz packages. He will really come on towards the end of the season and give our defense more versatility and disguises.



Ant V

I love my Buc’s but he will never live up to his draft status, he doesn’t love football enough and his work ethic isn’t there.

Kawe'a Akuna

Jason! My man👍 can’t wait for the ✌nd round❤ the dynasty has begun…..the Lombardi’s permanent home will reside in “TOMPA” for the nxt ✌DECADES YO!😁


Man child

Ryan Hines

She is the loudest person on earth. Geez.

Joan Melnick

Love Tampa’s ‘fast draw’ on the clock eh. We all knew it was a Husky eh.

thinking man of 1978

One thing I dislike: is a cocky GM “he can guarantee no starter is in danger of losing their job” 🤔😒 why draft a guy in the 1st rd if he has no chance to start? I followed TB12 here to Tampa, so I know all about cocky GMs. Hey Jason let the coaches and the practice field determine who will and won’t start. Go Bucs

    Nice Hat

    It was already determined when they brought back all 22 starters from last year’s roster. They drafted a guy in the first round because they have a first round draft pick. The same privilege 31 other teams also have. You’re reading too much into it. They have six more rounds of insurance picks left. One could assume those picks will also be riding the bench next year too and that’s OK.

    ac ch

    I imagine experience does play a part too. Probably want to develop him a bit. He didn’t really play last year right?

mike denney

Jenna, why are you so loud? It does get you noticed but not in a good way.

Mike Ruzza

Awesome pick Jason; he looks like a real baller to me! GO BUCS!!

John Smith

Some of the picks might not even make the roster for this season. This team is full of talents in every position. As long as Brady and Gronk are healthy when playoff comes, this team will be SB bound.


Welcome to the Bay!

Humberto Nuñez

He’s a BEAST, plays angry, i love this pick

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