Jason Licht on Draft Night One, Pick 32 | Draft Night Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jonathan Perez

Oh god


have faith. Jason light will do a amazing job in the upcoming draft because Jason has hit on every Early/Mid-round selections he’s made
Scotty Miller 6th Round
Chris Godwin 2nd round
Antoine Winfield Jr 2nd
Ronald Jones 2nd round
Tyler Johnson 3rd round
Tom Brady selected in the 2020 free agency


    Tyler Johnson was a fifth round pick.


    @bowlchamps37 I rest my case

Carlos Torres


Matthew Fifer

The only downside of being the last pick in the draft is they won’t be on the clock for HOURS….and I’m already tired from a long day!

Prosper Prosper

Imagine Kwon lavonte and Devin at LB

Frank Sharkany

Tampa Bay should make a deal to have Aaron Rodgers be a back up to Tom Brady!




    Honestly after everything I’ve seen I wouldn’t be surprised 😂 😂 that was a good one

Prosper Prosper

New Qb time


The mastermind and magician. Fact that you got EVERYBODY back is crazy

Jack Trudel

Rhondale Moore!

JON R Wieszchowski

Thank you for Sharing, Us Real Fans “Appresh”. 👌👍

Kawe'a Akuna

Joe Tryon……BOOM💥👍 had Teven😭 hope he’s still on the board in the 2nd❤

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