Jason Licht & Bruce Arians Call First Round Draft Pick Joe Tryon – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

From Joe Tryon in April to Ring Try On next year.

Mr. Smith

Welcome Aboard Joe


This kid hit the football lotto of a lifetime! Gonna be exciting to watch him develop!

Patrick Hinger

Great pick in my opinion.

He has great potential.
He is learning from JPP and Barrett so he has good chances to be very good.

In Round 2 and 3 i hope for an OL.
Meinerz,Josh Myers,Landon Dickerson or Ben Cleveland.


    When you get a chance to watch his tape he has so many play tendency similarities to both JPP and Shaq. I love how he is use to standing up in zone at Washington. Was hesitant on taking him that early at first but the more I think about it… 3rd on the depth picking up those tips and techniques from jpp/shaq should certainly give this kid the best shot to succeed

    Patrick Hinger

    Agreed 100% Sir


Why did Jason light completely ignore Bruce when shaking everyone else’s hand ?


    Because they are basically the “team” that shakes hands with the ownership.


    He went to his bosses, the glazers

    Vincent Wright

    No drama here bro. That’s for the Packers ..


    They had already shook hands before standing up

    Mike Ruzza

    Bruce probably just picked his nose!! Haha

Miles Gentry


Ashen Manjula

With recent draft history , you won’t doubt Jason Licht by any means.

    Anthony Gironda

    Lavonte David, Devin White, Vita Vea, Tristan Wirfs, Antoine Winfield Jr., etc. I think we won’t doubt him.

    C M

    Home run hitter.


    @Anthony Gironda Lavonte was not his pick.

    Anthony Gironda

    @bowlchamps37 oh yeah, that was Dominik’s pick. I remember that.

CloutCoinJae COINZ

lets goooooooo

Mike Ruzza

A very cool phone call to listen in. Wow, we get almost everything nowadays!! Great job getting Joe to help hunt down QB’s on game day. I’m pleased with him joining the NFL Champion BUCS!!!

Yeti RC

good pick

Joan Melnick

Sacks, qb pressures and hits will be in abundance eh.

Greysoul Jr

this team can go Undefeated season for sure


Tom brady made me a pats fan and now it’s hard not to follow. Bucs will be my second team lol.

Alex Combs

Went to school with him growing up he’s an awesome dude bucs got a good one for sure

Craig Theisen

Welcome to Tompa Bay Joe!!

Andrés Martín Girardo

That moment must be heartstopping.

Golden Eagle

Welcome aboard Joe and I’m very excited about him and I really think he could be a star pass rusher down the line and him learning from JPP and Shaq will definitely help him develop overall it was a good pick and I wonder if he’s going to wear number 9 like he did at Washington

Michael Leonard

Joe Tryon hit the NFL Trifactor Jackpot…Will be….

1). Coached up by Bowes & Arians
2). In-Game coached up by JPP and SB..
3). Motivated and shown the way in how to be the ultimate PRO by TB12….


Live Love Life

He was so excited he couldn’t even talk lol 😆😂

Barclay Pierre élève


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