Jason Kelce on Becoming a Father: “An Incredible Moment” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I love my eagles

Shot Kalah


kitdacraze phillyphilly

Congradz kelce


Congrats Jason.

Call Me J. R.

I’m happy for him, he’s going to be a good dad. They got everything to be wonderful parents. They kids going to have a good life

TMK 93

Gave birth to a Philadelphia Eagle let’s go!!

    Eagles champs 1


Greg Nester

He’s not the ‘center’ of attention at home anymore ;-D..! Best wishes to Jason & his wife!

Aimee Blum

Congratulations on your beautiful addition! You are going to be an awesome dad and have your lovely wife and a beautiful little family! Wyatt, you are now a part of the Eagles family! Your Daddy is quite the character and we love him.

Buck Buck

Congratulations brother.happy for yall

Michelle Ezeugo

Congrats Jason. You’re gonna be a wonderful father

Travis Stoudt

Congrats Jason and Kylie best center in the NFL

Ed Snowden

What a guy

Peter Caci

“Can’t milk me”

Lol I knew it would be a good first father speech

Tony Rose

The woman was the one to break the ice “can i ask a football question”😂😂

Enoch Lee

Legendary player becomes a legendary father


I wonder whose Buccaneers jersey that is hanging in Kelce’s locker. Maybe Beau Allen?

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