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Marshall Alex

Felt like I was on drugs watching the 90’s spy movie computer usage at 10:00

Jimmy Dean

I won’t be happy with a home game win . I want it all. You mother fuckers

Not the real Lloyd Banks


Kevin Lee

Well you still have Tony pollard he can spell zeke when he needs a rest he can be a great back

    Rod S

    I completely agree if they use him correctly. If we don’t succeed this season it is on the coach.

Adrian Soto

d law overpaid. he’s not even top 5 in his position

    Shawn Smith

    Adrian Soto 🤔 when was Dion or Ed Reed, suggs, r. white in that discussion never but they were great and Hof player’s so there are no facts to what you are saying

    Adrian Soto

    @Shawn Smith Ed Reed was defensive player of the year in 04

    Adrian Soto

    @Shawn Smith if Law was elite it wouldn’t of take 2 tags to get an extension. He’s average
    Nuff said

    Shawn Smith

    Adrian Soto he only got tagged once bro👍

    Not the real Lloyd Banks

    You’re very wrong

COWTown Tx.

@11:54 Myles Jack with some atrocious LB play…

Ray Mercado

Last season if we don’t make the Division Round And Super Bowl this year . For Jason Garrett

Jim Hollywood

The Cowboys are going into this game with health issues and missing players. But but they have depth. We will see about that. Then yes there is the rust issues. Witten will help with 3rd downs. Jarwin will have the larger numbers for TDs and yardage per catch. I think that works out fine.

Wayne Hawkins

Okay Coach Garrett time to be in Miami

Wayne Hawkins

Okay Jason Garrett the balls in your court,It’s time to winIt all.The eagles and new England are in the way!!!!

The wolf pack Gangsters

Let go cowboys

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