Jason Garrett Postgame Week 6 vs. New York Jets | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jake Stumbaugh Reply

We need some Change it’s time to move on from Garret

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Jake Stumbaugh Take those shades off because it looks like they want to move on from you just sayin hunny 🤣😉

    Luis Ramirez Reply

    Jake Stumbaugh bruh it’s been time. Years and years of fucking mediocrity

    Jake Stumbaugh Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta I’m ok with that but Garrett goes with me.

Jonathon Bagwell Reply

He really needs to be fired man. His offensive philosophy is terrible

    pmodel1 Reply

    Yep and the players no longer believe in it

    Chris Smith Reply

    Fire this guy

    Tony Micel Reply

    Only the Jets can turn a blowout to a nail biter. Jets had Bill’s beat to and then blame the kicker.

Ricky Garcia Reply

It’s been about 10 years with this man and it’s obvious he’s not the coach that’s gonna take us to the promised land, it’s time to fire Garrett enough with the excuses

    Jonathan Vega Reply

    don’t forget about the rest of his coaching staff. it’s not just him hes been bringing in his right type of players and coaches in this organization for the past 9-10 years

    j reid Reply

    Romo said jason is useing his old 2007 play book a d it showed all night, receivers ran there route and stopped, there was no playmakers tonight

Javi _ CountJugg49 Reply


    Evan Schirm Reply

    facts team has no fire

    Chris Smith Reply


    Greg Holland Reply

    The only time that Jason Garrett will get fired will be at the end of the season sorry

Don Mario Reply


    Jason Burke Reply

    Don Mario hey…don’t disrespect Clowns…at least they actually has a purpose….this idiot is utterly useless and lost at least 2 games with his ridiculous play calling this year…and ima Cowboys fan.

    Tony Micel Reply

    Maybe he could catch mono. Did he get anywhere near Darnold after the game. Its contagious. Mono give me a break take one of these put a band aide on it and walk it off. They just dont make em like Kevin Winslow anymore. The QBs nowa days should be plying with quilts. Its hammer time can’t touch this.

TheAwesomeSosa 123 Reply

Man I never like being harsh and I’ve tried to be patient with this guy. But it’s time to go Garrett

    TeeMONEY Reply

    Lack of preparation has cost us 3 games, there’s a reason for all these poor 1st halves, even against the Redskins and Dolphins

    Christopher M Reply

    10 years of patience is too much for anyone

    Tony Micel Reply

    Jets ain’t got much better Gase is a bum. On MNF. Garret was making tackle look like a kid, even knocked out a QB. And no adjustments with a TE at least bumping jarrett. He left tackle ome on one looking stupid Gase praying he’ll block him next play isnt.good coaching

    Fly Ty Reply

    As a Eagles fan this is awesome

Tatrelle Reply

Why is he keep saying “we” He didn’t do anything…

    Life Reply

    Team doesnt know how to play either

    Kurt McKelvey Reply

    He did do something ! He lost the fucking game !!! Again !!!! 😠 👎

    Eduardo Levy Reply

    He’s part of the team

    F L Reply

    @Eduardo Levy you must be new around here

Kellye Remora Reply

Why is he still the head coach??? 😂😂😂😂

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Kellye Remora Because he’s your daddy

    KillerGoat23 Reply

    Kellye Remora he’s probably blackmailing to keep his job

    Kellye Remora Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta sweetie are in your feelings too like all Cowboy fans. Its ok… keep your head up.

    Albert Diaz Reply

    He’s Jerries b/tch

kaudia sanz Reply

It’s been long overdue we have been as patient as we can Garrett has had plenty of chances to get the Boys to the SB he cannot do it although we’re banged up we know they can play well but not with Garrett coaching #ThisIsEmbarrassing

    Life Reply

    You really couldn’t get to the superbowl, brady would say something to you. Being a team isnt about winning a superbowl it’s about fun.

Kelly Dardeen Reply

I’ve Been Seeing a Lack of Discipline on The Defense and It’s Getting Worse !!!

    Marvin Vaughters Reply

    So true. Penalty after stupid penalty.

Corington Baldwin Reply

As a advid Dallas Cowboys fan, there is no reason to lose to a 0 and 4 team.c

    Life Reply

    Maybe because the players didnt do their job. Defense was itchy

    TeeMONEY Reply

    Poor preparation

    Albert Diaz Reply

    Cockiness. y’all think it’s the 1990’s .

machedar Reply

Looks like the Cowboys wait til the 2nd half to play. These slow starts are killing us. Please switch up our offensive plays and have Dak make more plays with his feet since we have a banged up offense. Mobile Dak wouldve helped us today. Predictability is still killing us. The difference btw us and the saints is the coaching staff; look at what theyre doing without brees !

Yoitzdrew Reply

You need to be prepping your departure speech

    Shawn Chowdhury Reply

    Yoitzdrew 😂🤣

    Ruben Chavez Reply

    Yup bring that same energy garret! When u discuss your next job

Anthony Napoli Reply

Garrett you’re trash, gtfo of Dallas.

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Anthony Napoli Nope he ain’t going no where as a Eagles fan I’m happy

Tecoya George Reply

There is something more going on here than we know. This team was killing it first three games, not just because of competition. They aired the ball out. Dak trusted his people to make plays. This team has literally regressed back to conservative football. They are playing not to lose the game instead of playing to win. Maybe there was some truth to what Cole Beasley was saying about they want certain people to be the stars and get the opportunities. Jarwin is a good pass catching tight end but he is never used. Pollard comes in just to relieve Zeke but is never thrown screens or gets catching chances, which is what he excels at. These are good players, chilling the whole game. Zeke gets stuffed at the line and they run on 3rd and 9. It doesn’t make sense. I feel Garrett is enforcing this conservative game on this group because of the recent turnovers. Now the players pass Garrett and dont give him high fives or anything. I expect Garrett to be fired during the bye week, especially if they lose to Philly. We have to thank God they are not as good as everyone predicted them to be too.

    machedar Reply

    Yeah Ive always wondered why Zeke always has to run thru the box instead of wide. Also remember that one game where they used Zeke and Pollard from the start and both got 100 yards rushing ? Why dont they do that…?

    dirty dan Reply

    i think clappy has been calling plays. they dont seem like Moores plays anymore. hes probably tryna call first half and have Moore do second half which would explain the late catching up. apparently Romo said during the game that the offense has Garretts playcalling all over it too.

    Tecoya George Reply

    @machedar The main reason for that is that they have been down by 2 or more scores in the last three weeks before halftime. It’s still no excuse not to run Zeke or Pollard on screens or other pass plays. This team makes no sense. Every run is up the middle, no misdirection, no tosses. Defenses know what to expect. Even Dak just doesn’t run anymore, at all. But in the first three games he had runs of 20 and 42. This is conservative football at it’s finest.

    Tecoya George Reply

    @dirty dan that’s the crazy thing. We will never know. Idk why a coach would mess with a coordinator’s plays that are actually working.

Tecoya George Reply

When you only use the same guys on offense, its easy to gameplan for those people and it shows your hand when you have no chemistry with backup guys because all they do is ride the pine. Spread the ball around and use Zeke and Pollard as a two headed monster. Confuse defenses to get them unbalanced. Same playcalling and defenses are not biting. And do something to protect Dak. He is getting killed.

    dirty dan Reply

    they need to have Dak run more. they keep tryna make him a pocket passer. hes getting to comfortable with that and doesnt extend plays like before.

    Noe Salazar Reply

    Yup dak needs better protection and use both running backs zeke & Pollard

Marvin Vaughters Reply

Its always we. He never says. “I” failed to get my guys prepared. A good coach would take some blame. He never does. Once again watch the tape. Fire this guy now. Not tomorrow but now.

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Marvin Vaughters Wanna bet he gets fired today? If he doesn’t get fired today I’m gonna expose you

    Jon Irwin Reply

    Marvin Vaughters Yes Romo did the same thing when he threw all his picks to loose a game “we”😂He learned from the best☝️

    Marvin Vaughters Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta what?

Joshua James Reply

He looks worried that Jerry might give him a call.

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    Joshua James ????? That made no sense and kinda sounded gay

    Player One Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta you sound gay lol jerry gon give him that call and tell him to pack his bags and leave his damn practice facility

    Michon Sabb Reply

    Kamryn Vanatta that comment made no sense

    Joshua James Reply

    Kamryn vanatta is a low-key Redskins fan I bet 😂

Recency Bias Radio Reply

He’s beyond his depth.

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