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Mark Aranita

Wait was that Jerry Jones asking a question with that first question lol



    Lava LifeGuard

    @Renee R/Whoooooosh

    Chris Abe


    Jose M.

    Lava LifeGuard oh I didn’t know this was Reddit

Transparent Motives

How can he not give credit to Kellen Moore? If this is what is to come for the cowboys offensively, I see alot of football teams offering Kellen Moore a head coach position. Stay humble Jason, or Kellen won’t be around long to make up for your deficiencies as a head coach. Jason speaks well, but that has little to do with coaching a football team.

    F L

    It’s been one game calm down

    jacob lavers

    Agreed ! Garrett probably feels slightly threatened by how great of a game Kellen called.

    Scott Davidson

    After 1 game YOU SEE Moore getting head coaching offers? You straight goofy!!!

ten 2twelve

How bout them cowboys!!

chapo guzman

Good Game Today

Chop Chop

Dak was on point tonight!! It doesn’t get more accurate than that! 158.3 passer rating?!!! Perfect passer rating! My man Dak was gettin that ball out today!

    Cracc 216

    Chop Chop finally have a offensive coordinator that knows how to make plays

    Robert Deniro

    I think this was his best game he’s played in the nfl

    David Parkes

    It’s just ironic that OC is Dak’s former backup lol. He’s the winningest QB in college history but still.

    Chop Chop

    Man I did not know how Kellen Moore was going to do! To be honest I was nervous for him! Ha! He called the right plays and pushed the tempo! If he can do that and keep switching it up like he did…Cowboys can do pretty damn good this year!

Jeremy Frechette

A great game. Much respect to Prescott for his hard work and improvements from last year. It is the 1st game against a frail NY Giants team so.. We need to see this consistently this year before any big claims are made. Lets see where we are at in week 9.

    Stone Cold

    Omfg a realistic, somewhat humble fan you’re a unicorn

Tyler Meek

He knows it’s happening

HG13 Castor Troy

Garret is a great motivational speaker & coach ..Hes so Encouraging! LOVE OUR TEAM..#CowboysNation

    HG13 Castor Troy

    @Scott Davidson better than barry switzer

    HG13 Castor Troy

    1) Tom Landry
    2) Jimmy Johnson
    3) Garrett/Switzer/Parcells

    Scott Davidson

    @HG13 Castor Troy nice….but even though Barry got a Ring with Jimmy’s talent…this tard is a bozo.

    HG13 Castor Troy


Lava LifeGuard

Heath, as usual, is always taking the wrong angle and not wrapping up

    TJ McKee

    Heath looked great! He had some serous impact on the defense leading it when pass deflections. Also had some great hits. He’s got great coverage skills and instincts. Out of all the poor play you target your as usual player.. you should’ve paid more attention to the rest of the defense and all the missed opportunities and poor tackles other players have. Film doesn’t lie dude can play.

    TJ McKee

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjOTVAi4cSc Watch this.. dude shows quite a bit of film and how Heath impacts it.

    Chris Lawson

    Jeff heath isa beast

    TJ McKee

    @Chris Lawson He gets the job done and he has range, which is what the defense seems to be about in the secondary. Look at his draft place.. oh wait.. he was undrafted.. where I see first round selections who take the wrong angle all the time and not wrap up. I’ve also seen Heath make some insane wrap up tackles and hits.. you don’t always find the “perfect” safety.. you get good enough more often. He’s def that with a bit of shine here and there. I mean the greats make poor plays too. I just don’t get how you can target one of the best performers in the game and say as usual in a negative context. As usual Heath showed why he is the starter. Led the D with pass deflections. I’m happy when he’s on the field. Granted we have 3 Safties I’m pleased with but Heath I like more for his range. I mean the guy picked off Peyton Manning 2 times in a game. Give him a bit of credit for the things he’s done right instead of oh that one play.. or two. Lets not forget he had 62 snaps with the D. His mistakes are minor in the grand picture of things. Just saying.. deserves more credit.. he makes big plays and it goes unnoticed. VALUE

    John S

    He’ll be replaced by Donovan Wilson soon.

Reginald Johnson


sleep depp vegas

2:47 πŸ˜‚

Robert Carrico

a good team effort’ But it’s the midgets’🏈🏈🏈GO COWBOYS🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

Robert Carrico

Go mother f’in Cowboys.

Daniel Cooper

Extend Garrett and dak attack!

Jon Klomp

Please keep Dak Prescott

Cesar Castellanos

He wants to laugh sooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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