Jason Garrett Post Game Speech Dallas Cowboys Week 2 Victory | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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TheKidFrom OD Reply


Ricardo Lewis Reply

Good game. Let’s get ready for Miami. Go cowboys!!!

    Michael Blackmoxvevo Reply

    Phil Skovby Robert is Back

    GOAT SOSA Reply


    Adan Martinez Reply

    That game will be like training for the cowboys .

    Chris Fontaine Reply

    “get ready for Miami” basically bring sunscreen and show up…. this years MIA team….

    Reggie Noble Reply

    Tell Taco, “don’t forget your swim trunks”

Michael Fonseca Reply

That boy Smith came out of nowhere!!

Mystery Man Reply

Yes Sir” That’s two rival teams down…Stay winning. Dallas Cowboys on three…Dallas Cowboys!!!

    Jay Bird Reply

    Mystery Man .. HA GAYYYY

    Mystery Man Reply

    Strike a pose…nothing gay about me!!! Vogue! I like women…Olivia Wilde for one!!!

Nicholas Griffith Reply

2-0 just gettin started HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS

    Billy Hill Reply

    don’t get too excited look who they have played

    Nicholas Griffith Reply

    Two Division Games!!! I have been Excited since 89 🙂

    brian robinson Reply

    Nicholas Griffith looks like you already attracted the first crybaby. Ole Billy is butthurt isn’t he…😂😂😂

    No Way Reply

    1st round playoff win and that’ll be it

Isaias Mendoza Reply

Dak slowly shutting up all the haters and doubters

    Artur Rofi Reply

    @Isaias Mendoza yeah, let’s see how the season bonds them together.
    I am excited about our team this year

    Justin Hughes Reply

    Jason Garrett’s clapping will save the team

    Artur Rofi Reply

    @Justin Hughes yes optimism & Kindness takes people a long way and it motivates others as well.

    ac13777 - Reply

    I really doubt that remember y’all the Cowboy haters love to have that D in their mouth they love talking about our team more than their own they’re like herpes you think they’re gone but no they’re still there.

Arthur Dixon Reply

Goodwin boys 2 in 0 let’s get ready for Miami next week about to go 3 in0 and I’ll go Cowboys

    JDgStatuZ Reply

    Miami got murdered by the Patriots. So I think this is a bye week….lmao jk but mane dont take any game lightly. No matter how bad the team is.

    Maverick Cater Reply

    JDgStatuZ one time a few years ago the browns blew out the patriots so yea never count a team out

    Arthur Dixon Reply

    Yes you are right don’t take anything credit. I’m going to have a bad team it is it doesn’t matter how bad it teammates actually they can still go and beat you you know I’m saying so yeah you are right about that but we already know our team is is confident of that I already know that you’re not let nobody terminate you at home that is the number one rule we are not going to let that happen Sunday

Drod2387 Reply

Tyron Smith is always standing next to Jason Garrett lol

    Clash With Bao Reply

    Plot twist, Tyron Smith is Jason’s illuminati handler?🤷‍♂️🗡🐷🗡

    j reid Reply

    @Clash With Bao lol funny

    eric Black Reply

    Some one said that last week in the comments lol wow it’s so true

    Allen Hughes Reply

    If Tyron is in the anywhere in the room he’s close to Garrett. Man is a beast.

    Troy C Reply

    It’s part of his nature…he’s a protector.

D’Angelo From Como Reply

Need these FALCONS TO BEAT THE EAGLES!! On everything!!!!

    JDgStatuZ Reply

    On God!!! Nyg got whooped by BUFFALO!!! And if the shEagles lose our division took Losses….except US!!! Lmao

    D’Angelo From Como Reply

    JDgStatuZ 💯💙

    Tray Mack Reply

    On God eagles looking real sad right now

Linda Easley Reply

Let’s blow out Miami !
Then its on to New Orleans to take care of the Saints 👍

    Demetrius Morrison Reply

    Probably our first L in NAWLINs, probably not.

Eric Carmona Reply

Who else can’t wait for the next game?

jeremy x Reply

To be a SB contender,
We must clean up awhole lot

Not walking into a trap game
But we’ve got one more live practice game vs the Dolphins before our so-called real tests begin

Final tune-up Cowboy Nation
Let’s rock this thing!!!!

    jarjon76 Reply

    One game at a time. It’s way early in the season to be talking SB.

Lilrafa Lilrafa Reply

I wanna hear that after the championship game!!!

robert ramos Reply

Shawn lee wasn’t feeling Dallas Cowboys on 3.

    Brandon Franklin Reply

    Bro I said the exact same!!! he’s not happy with his role diminished

    DTX Reply

    I saw the same thing lol

da Star Reply

Happy for the win 2-0 but our defense need to step it up. Go Cowboys!

Kinto \》 Reply

I know it’s just superstition but since I’ve been using my 1995 Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl thermal mug we been winning.

    Hu Chay Reply

    It is superstition. They been building this team for a min. Where the hell u been

    Randy Lahey Reply

    @Hu Chay Always gotta be that one person right. So what if it is superstitious? Let the man have it like damn.

    Hu Chay Reply

    @Randy Lahey shut up you nerd

    Hu Chay Reply

    @DRock6906 it’s not real. You’re an idiot

webmillions Reply

The boys are back in town! 🤘🏻

Antbeast23 Reply

Defense needs to play better no pass rush nd lacking turnovers. Linebackers not playing elite. Smith getting beat by rb’s. It’s all business. On to the next game

marquel collins-gray Reply

Kellen Moore taking the top off the maybach…”ain’t gone stop”

Chris Fontaine Reply

It’s nice that Jerry Jones allows Jason Garret to give a post game speech after the game…

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