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Rome r

Jerry should let coach Richard take it from here.

    Chess RedEagle

    Defense has regressed badly since he took over play calling from Marinelli. I think they need to go back to the way they did it last year

    Wiz Bud

    @Mike G It’s not Richards defense. Its Rob Marinelli’s

    Rome r

    Jason Garrett has no fire we all know it.

    Mike G

    @Wiz Bud I believe Richard is in charge of calling the plays, marinelli is in charge of the d line

    Wiz Bud

    @Mike G The designer of the defense is Rob Marinelli. Kris is still the Assistant Defensive Coordinator.

Wiz Bud

Are you guys blaming the refs??? Lol… Yeah, it’s the ref’s fault the Cowboys were down 31-3. Jesus Christ, nice holding the coach to account.

    partycarlos blog zam2344


Daz Capone

Please get FIRED Garrett, and get a better QB..


Jerry and Garrett need to leave.

Kathy Russell

If Jason Garrett does not make it close to the Super Bowl this year we should fire him

JOE DUFOUR HowBoutDemCowboys

I would have fired Garrett in the 3rd Quarter ..Jerry should of left the president and ellen in luxury box and coached the damn team himself.Couldnt be worse.

Christopher M

Lincoln Riley!


Lets move on an turn on the ⚡️ get over it…lots of things happen from here on till December so 🤙 🇺🇸 buckle up an lets go Cowboys!


Why is Garrett still Head Coach? What warped reality is this where a Decade of failure is still acceptable?

    Eddie V

    If he doesn’t get it right this year we should absolutely move on.

    King Baldwin IV

    Only Jerry Jones will know. The cowboys will most likely win against the jets, jones will calm down after that…instead of firing him.

jerry penny

If you want mediocrity for the next several years keep Garrett.. He has the ability to take good talent and coach them down instead of up. the players are not the problem. It starts with the head coach. When is someone going to wake up?

King Baldwin IV

Jason Garrett is a joke. This is the same game planning as he did to Romo, 4th quarter comeback.

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Garrett will be holding the Lombardi in Miami. Cowboys fought back from 31-3, we’ll be ok.

    A Google User

    Keep drinking the Koolaid. The Cowboys will NEVER win a SB with Jason Garrett as HC.

A Google User

Should the Cowboys lose to Eagles, Vikings, Lions, Patriots, Bears, and Rams that will give them another 8-8 season. Win one of those games and they are 9-7. At this point I hope they lose just to get rid of Garrett – he should have been gone years ago and would have if Jerry Jones was a real NFL GM and not an owner who thinks they are a GM.

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