Tune in LIVE from The Star in Frisco as Head Coach Jason Garrett meets with the media from the AT&T Media Center prior to the final minicamp practice. #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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24 replies on “Jason Garrett Minicamp Press Conference – 6/13/19 | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. Something something, going about it the right way, this is my last season, something something, each and every day.

  2. What is he good at? Is it motivation definitely not tactical approach on sunday? I’m listening

  3. That chick asking about Donovan Olumba is not qualified to do what she does. Donovan is not going to start based on one interception during OTAs “Einstein”..ffs

  4. Big G! Gonna get that money this year. You don’t know much about leadership if you don’t like him. He practices all the major leadership techniques like decentralized command, extreme ownership, he gives the credit to everybody else, he builds his players and coaches up, and has built a team of the right kind of guys top to bottom. Not to mention the players love and fight for him

  5. A Jason Garrett why every year your players get in trouble off the field what kind of leadership is that

  6. Hey Jason want you to admit that Zeke Punk you down he does what he want to you have no control over your players you need to discipline your players find your players when they do something wrong be a head coach not there buddy Tom Landry wasn’t buddies to his players that’s why he was so successful

  7. Has nothing to do with his lack of in-game decision making. Marvin Lewis did the same dog on thing.

  8. @Gustavo Fabregas Dang really, even if we make it to the super bowl and lose you think he should go? Tbh, I feel like if he even makes it to NFC Championship Jerry will keep him around, since the boys haven’t been that far in over 20 years.

  9. Jason > EVERY other HC in Dallas Since Jimmy! Bar None! Great drafts. Great leader, Teams Never quit, and did an ENTIRE GUT JOB REBUILD AND GOT US OUT OF CAP HELL! He took over a very very old team in cap hell, Of course this will take time. But NOW is HIS time. all pieces in place. And still one of IF not the youngest team in the NFL! He alone changed the culture for the Cowboys .. .. any other HC could of done this here?

  10. @ChowdhuryRayan Hell yes. Dude enough of him. He should have been done the year when Denver won the SB last. Let alone having 3 back2back2back 8&8 seasons.

    His clock management sucked for years. Just recently he got better. I just feel he ran his course. Next

  11. @Gustavo Fabregas I agree he should have done a long time ago. But, since then I think the last 4 seasons (except for 2015) he has been pretty successful. He has a good relationship with the players. Maybe, it was JUST Linehan we needed out of there and not Linehan AND Garrett.

  12. @ChowdhuryRayan Well we will see this year. Cause when Tony was in there the window for a ship was closing. Now its opened again, but with all these free agents coming up next year that window its going to close quick. It ain’t the 90s anymore where we could keep these guys.

  13. @Gustavo Fabregas That’s a great point. We have such an amazing roster right now. Best in years. But because of the cap and contracts coming to an end, this really might be one of the last chances to have such a great roster and make a championship run.

  14. IMO, a modern day Landry, without the stoneface. He’s learned a lot from his similarities to one of the best in history and also the struggles of the best. Longevity and progress IS the “PROCESS” !
    Jerry and Stephen haven’t done too badly either. From Arkansas grocers and “wildcatters” to now THE RICHEST sports owners and one of the largest individual producers of oil IN THE 🌎 WORLD!
    Nobody does what these guys do by being the dolts that the usual idiot sports fan makes them out to be. And they’ll NEVER worry about nothing but the best the world has to offer……. and never about THEIR next contract. NOT EVEN JASON.
    I see all their competitors struggling and striving and can only laugh at their ineptness.
    … although I do feel for the family and friends of Pat Bolen the owner of the Denver Broncos who died today and was a dear friend to JJ since 1989.( Another so called wildcatter)
    Let everyone speculate about this man’s worthiness. I have a feeling his own attitude is the same Dak has had about his.
    One thing about Jerry Jones is certain and you can take it to the bank. An honest days work is worth an honest days 💰 pay! PERIOD !!!!

  15. @Robert Bennett Very well said! From the top with Jerry and Stephen to the bottom of our roster, we have an incredible group of people.

  16. That was the greatest boring analysis speech yet; what else do you have?

    I believe in Eli.

  17. Dude stfu he has nothing to do wit Zeke decisions out of football Zeke has to k o not to make a fool of his self

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