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Fire him already


He had the damn nerve 2 say he feels good about the back up tackles im like are u 4 real smfh.


    ABDUL MUHAMMAD well he can’t say he doesn’t lmao


    Hell I don’t feel real good about the starters


    @HolyJosie@HolyJosie@HolyJosie@HolyJosie@HolyJosie@HolyJosie@HolyJosie, yes your rite about that lol smdh , im just frustrated with this coach rite now.


    @JXFIT rite on my friend smh!

    Brian Waller

    Didnt he said that about chaz green? Lol

Dante' Myles

Fired Man walking.

    Luis Chavarria

    You are a fake cowboys fan. Always blaming jason tipical. When we win you stay quiet when we lose you start barking. So when dak thros a interception how can blame jason. Just shut up and be a real fan.

    Dante' Myles

    Luis Chavarria Haha fake cowboys fan by far. I’m just keeping it real. Maybe to real for you. Why you think his contract wasn’t renewed? Almost 10 years as a coach, and a couple playoff wins. Not good Enough. It’s time for a change. Just like our personnel changed the coach needs a change. It is what it is.
    Cowboysnation 4 Life! 💯

    Luis Chavarria

    @Dante’ Myles Jason it’s not even calling the plays for us anymore. So can we blame him.

Nancy Cowan

I am staying positive, last year they had it rough awhile and then they got to the play offs . I am with them!

    Lava LifeGuard

    They are beginning where they ended up last year and thats not stopping the run! Until that gets fixed, they won’t make it far!


Cam Fleming fired man walking. Step your game up Fleming hold your man more than one second please


    JXFIT please!!!!! Smh

David Ramirez

If we loose to the Jets – run him out of town on a rail.

    Henry Hill

    I’m praying we lose to the jets praying. That should get get fired . But not only him I want Rod gone too. His scheme is killing this d for years .

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Henry Hill Rod isn’t the D coordinator, Richard is and Rod answers to him!

    Henry Hill

    @Lava LifeGuard so let me get this straight. We are no longer running the TAMPA 2 DEFENSE ANYMORE? ROD BROUGHT THAT OVER FROM Tampa.

    Man Wan

    Don’t worry, we suck. I just hope Donald doesn’t get injured because our offensive line can’t even block girl scouts.

Showtime Julian Brown


Jeff Perteet

Position flex get real!

Fake News

Clap on, CLAP OFF. JG needs to go

Tig Welder

Fire this clown or we won’t show up to the games

    Tig Welder

    Jesus Guerreo it is pathetic

    Luis Chavarria

    You are a fake cowboys fan. Always blaming jason tipical. When we win you stay quiet when we lose you start barking. So when dak thros a interception how can blame jason. Just shut up and be a real fan. Go cowboys win or lose


    ROFL…you keep eating that Jeruh Jones hot garbage he and clapper cooks up for ya now , ya hear…

    Tig Welder

    Luis Chavarria when has Garrett ever looked good?

    Stone Cold

    @Luis Chavarria I love how you douches say people who want the right changes made to make steps forward every season towards a SB are not real fans . You’re delusional bro, end of the day when your taking steps backwards it falls on the head coach. He’s fired somewhere around 60 position coaches in his time here. good players have come and gone some good coaches have come and gone the only constants has been JG and the Jones. Its always been one step forward two back with him at the helm.


‘Ol Smiley…Move on, Garrett!

Mystery Man

One word…”Performance”…That’s what it boils down to. Cowboys have to make every play count to win.

ronald how about dem boys thomas

We need to make that trade in 24hrs

Wv country boy

Jason is a joke

brenda smalley

I am only 8 years old And I love the cowboys Really big fat I wanna me sick Elliot Is hungry I’ll take him to roadhouse

brenda smalley

Keep it up coach

Buttercookie Cinnamini

No 2hr intro🤯

Chris Nixon

Why do we go through this year in and year out

Stone Cold

He said “aggressively take what the Defense gives you.” I hear Belechick and staff work hard all week on scheming to exploit their opponents weakness. That’s dictating to the opponents defense not taking what they give you.
What do the DC coaches do when they’re not giving you anything because they’ve schemed to stop what you do well. SMH they keep doing the same things.

Lil Mac

Could somebody please tell me why the media covers Jason Garrett press conferences. He says absolutely NOTHING! His coach speak is exhausting

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