Jason Garett Show: Guarding Against a Letdown | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jason Garett Show: Guarding Against a Letdown | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said he expects Week 2 to be a tough battle in Washington. He reflected on Week 1, impressed by Dak’s “combination of efficiency and explosiveness.”

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Kang Nasty

What up J.Garret

Ced 214

Thank God for cowboys football 🙏🇺🇸

    John Mathis

    Amen to that brother!

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

Garrett just doesnt have the disciplinary drive i believe a coach must have in order to build a superbowl team..i think dallas got where they are in spite of garret not because of him


    Stacy Lynn Sutherland say what you want but he keeps this team focused and he also helps in the scouting department


    How would you know ANYTHING? You’re not there in the meeting rooms, practice, locker room, draft room, etc. You don’t know a fucking thing about what Jason does.

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    Nonsense Stacy, absolute nonsense dear! Try again, look a little deeper, sounds like you might want a coach who screams at his players on the sidelines embarrassing them on national t.v. cuz they made a penalty. No, Garrett treats his players like men & with respect, teaching them to be accountable to each other & the team first mentality. His players love him, respect him, and have always played really hard for him. Garrett is on his way to winning a SB with a potential dynasty that he has helped build.

Manuel Tovar

David moore you need to be more like “dave” . #amaricoopercommercial

    Manuel Tovar

    @God.Cipher.Divine be like dave. Lol he didn’t even take the dollar bills because it had a Washington on it. Hahaha gotta LOVE that. Its awesome how he just meshed right in with the team.


    @Manuel Tovar You notice how Amari is more open with the Cowboys… He was always an Extrovert when he was in Oakland… Shows he feels a sense of family here…

    Manuel Tovar

    @God.Cipher.Divine definitely. Its a fresh start that he needed. He feels like a the new kid all over again. More open for sure.


    @God.Cipher.Divine shows what maturity and Cowboys class does. (and there are many instances) Wait till it snaps for Zeke…Katy bar the door.


    @HAVOC LV Bro you speaking nothing but “Fatcs”… Yeah this season is gonna be epic… Just watch old “Dinkin and Dakin work.. F*CK SHANNON SHARP 🖕

Darren Brown

Give JOE JACKSON a chance

    Tyler Main

    He is getting a chance man. U don’t want him starting just yet. Don’t worry he will get his snaps

Doc Doc

The Red Baron is looking sharp. He has finally rid himself of all of the Parcell’s players and built a beast of a team. Dak who…No Jason No Dak. It should come as no surprise that the only people with more wins as a player or coach over the last three years just happen to be a couple of guys name Brady and Belichick. That says a lot. But Dak, just like Jason are willing to bank on themselves. Jerry has got more pie to slice…#mycoach

    Whip Tech

    Witten, Ladoceur are Parcells guys

    jimmy byrd

    Its not popular, but I am a fan of ol JG! Let’s do damage in DC! GO COWBOYS!!

FLIPda IronSquid

J.Garret can smile 2 yrs non stop..😂🤣..Go CoWBOYS


Can’t wait for The Kris Richard show!

ChevyRuns CowboyBlue

M.G ” its all good ” 😁 we still gona get the Touchdowns

pablo omar


Dak Prescott better than drew brees

    tony montana

    Dak is Joe montana

Cudo T

Offensive scheme and play caller make huge dividends … NOT JASON GARRETT

Gage Byers

Montez sweat is out here running 4.45 in the 40 yard dash! 😲


The electricity is cracklin’, kinda like ’94 where you could feel sumpin. Then as now this city is tired of not winning in a big way. I like the way it’s starting off.

Pistachio Lover

Randall cobb is a brilliant player who adds more quality to a already great team.

    Cristos Ortega

    He does what Cole Beasley does just better and adds another deep threat. Simply mind boggling how the Packers let him go

    John Mathis

    @Cristos Ortega Cobb is an animal compared to Beasly after the catch! Cobb doesn’t shy away from contact. Beasly would either fall down immediately, or skip out of bounds to avoid contact. Understandably though, due to Beasley’s size. But that is where Cobb is a huge upgrade! Great free agent signing…

    Albert Paiz

    Hopefully they can resign this guy! With his wife being a lawyer I’m sure she has better opportunities in Dallas than Green Bay

    Pistachio Lover

    @Albert Paiz I wouldn’t put it pass him going for the money. But he signed for Dallas for a reason hopefully he can stay

Henry Hill

Going to be called Kellen Moore show

John Mathis

Cobb was such a nice pick up for us. One of the best free agent signings I can think of in quite some time.

Artur Rofi

I am excited for this. Probably the best division rivals in NFL.

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