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Review That


    Review That

    @XmenAvenger23 lets gooo dawg pound


    I agree with you both. My hype when the schedule came out said 14-2, but after 3 games I feel 10-6, 11-5

    Review That

    @Justinvision3 bro you gotta believe harder


    Believe smarter not harder bro. Cleveland sports has shown me that over the past 30 years. People are too obsessed with sports and their teams that they put their heart and pride out there to represent them. I was there I was part of that culture too, but after a while you can’t think with your heart. Especially in Cleveland, “The City of Heartbreaks”.

    Review That

    @Justinvision3 im not smaart tho

Buck9119 bucks

Get this Man the ball.!!!!!!


    Please!!!! He was our top target last year. The man can literally catch anything! I love Jarvis he’s the man who started this culture change. He never complains and goes all out for the team. Class personified #DawgPound4life

J Wilder

obj and juice has one td combined first three weeks. NOT GOOD

    Michael Fraser

    Not about TD’s but just touches, need to throw more slants to these 2, they can’t be stopped on slants, need better blocking tight ends so we can have 2/3 tight end sets that work

    abdul smith

    @Michael Fraser 100%


    @Michael Fraser Right. But they got rid of those blocking TEs. Quick slants and screens need to be our bread and butter. We need to play to our strengths. Bring the damn trick plays back! Stop being so damn predictable. Not to mention Jarvis and Odell can both throw! They need to get back to the basics and let everything else fall into place.

    Michael Fraser

    XmenAvenger23 trick plays arent the basics but I get what you’re saying. I think we shouldn’t have traded Zeitler and I also believe we’re using Todd Monkens play book from last year not Freddies, which is an abomination. I wouldn’t guarantee that Freddie is even calling plays, why thats the case, I have no idea.


    @Michael Fraser I say basic as a trick play can get…which is a few times a game. I just feel like we’ve gotten away from what made Baker so comfortable last year. I think Freddie said they’re running a mixture of the 2 offenses. I agree that N.Y. won the Vernon trade. I forget he’s even on the team. Kevin would be way more valuable to this team. That was a huge mistake.

Michael J

Love this guy.


Now imagine Joel Bitonio or Joe Thomas wearing gold bracelets and diamond earrings during a press conference.

    Kubby Kush

    It’s a presser dude , calm down , he probably did this after a workout. These guys do have lives besides football.

    Mario Hartson

    And how many winning seasons did we have with those guys????? 🤔

    abdul smith

    I could see them wearing it, what’s your point? Let’s see em you don’t have one .it has nothing to do with football

Lucas C

Baker just gotta throw you the mf ball

BIG Wayne Gee

Loosen up – Just play football – quit analyzing everything

Cliffton Norflet

This guy is going to leave us 😥

    Ashley Billups

    Cliffton Norflet leave 😂😂😂😂

The sarcastic motherfluffer

My man doing press conferences with ghoan hair

abdul smith

Yo Jarvis it’s not the receivers fault, the ball is not coming yah way……

Scott Wallace

Jarvis is so great. He never falls into the trap of throwing shade at teammates or the coaching staff. Baker is the quarterback and leader, but Jarvis is the heart and soul.


    100% correct. Much needed on this roster.


Jarvis let you know what they need to do about 6 or 7 times in like 8 seconds to get the offense going “RUN THE BALL”👍🏾

Jeffrey Cooper

Freddy is making this way more complicated than it really is. Run the freaking ball. It takes so much pressure off Baker and opens up play action. We desperately need to get Hollywood back too because he’s Baker’s safety valve and he also helps open up things for Juice and OBJ.

3rd Eye Funk Nation

Fight!!!!!!! Let’s Go!!!


Jarvis is the new heart and soul of Cleveland.


They are really asking a wr about qb vision 🙄

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