Jarrett Stidham: “I’m just trying to get the ball out as quick as I can” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jarrett Stidham: “I’m just trying to get the ball out as quick as I can”

Jarrett Stidham addressed the media after the Patriots preseason loss to the Giants and discussed getting reps in with Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman and Demaryius Thomas, his thoughts after completing his first NFL preseason & more.

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Well I agree with what you said, but Reply

I like this guy. _The Future…_

Rickie Fowler Reply

Dude sounds like a patriot already

mark laurie Reply

Tom if you’re reading this we still love you but we’re hype about the future as well 💕

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

    wait, what happened? You wrote this as if something bad happened to Brady.

    mark laurie Reply

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career nothing happened we may be seeing a new torch carrier eventually

    Thai Hoang Reply

    There’s a female soccer player who might sign to be a kicked on a NFL team. Just a matter of time we get female QBs. Tom Brady will be replaced by his daughter. Go Patriots!

    Peter Karel Kraus Reply

    Rypien is the future Stidham is like a buy low, sell high investment. He has NEVER played in snow or ridiculous cold. Rypien HAS

Robert J H Reply

Wow a mini Brady..

Bacon Le Skiiwalker Reply

Brady’s protege

WnrWnrChkinDnr Reply

Slick haircut, war damn

Big White Duck Reply

He has great potential

Peter Karel Kraus Reply

Unless he finds a walkin freezer to get used to, he’s a buy low – sell high investment. Brady played in Michigan and cold weather wasn’t a big deal. Stidham has NEVER had brain freeze while playing football

Peter Karel Kraus Reply

It’s only fair and right that Lewan a Michigan Left tackle be given the opportunity to beat the living $h it out of anyone trying to ruin Brady a Michigan QB. Winovich wad the BEST pick of the draft.

WHo iZ AsiaN Reply

Starting to like this kid. Gives me high hopes for the future.


2:20 the report asked a good question and now there’s no doubt in my mind Jarret is a team play and a Patriot

Just Movies Reply

Im starting to like him as Future qb of Patriots. Hope he will learn a lot from Brady.

Roger Rodd Reply

Out of all 32 teams, without question, none of them more highly regard the proper attitude of the modest, humble, no bulletin board comments, no divas or showboat, no info interview interview, as much as the Patriots.It goes a long way in explaining their unprecedented success.

Chris Shook Reply

He has to stop hanging on to the ball and stop taking sacks otherwise I think he will be a good QB in the future.

murphacus Reply

High 🖐


He’s in there.

Neil Ladd Reply

Technique, good job.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Jarrett, to be a rookie is nearly the same than to be a trainee in a company. After the probationary period there are always two ways.
All of us wish you the best and then = have a fantastic time in NE.

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Reply

    Danke Charly.

    Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

    @Konstantin Frhr. v.B. 😉

Troy Amaral Reply

Let his hair grow back, and he’s definitely handsome enough to be the Heir. Prince Jimmy got shipped away, now we have Prince Jarrett. Welcome!

    Natasha cutie pie Reply

    He definitely passes our rigorous Handsome QB test. The dimpled chin is the cherry on top. Still No Jimmy G but I’ll take him 😏

    Troy Amaral Reply

    @Natasha cutie pie Give him a couple more years, Jimmy didn’t hit peak handsomeness till his last year here. Stidham’s only 23.

FBB Reply

Seems intelligent.

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