Jarrett Stidham: “From day one to now, I’ve grown so much, and I’ve got to continue to grow” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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NotSlyhm Reply

This dudes the future

Lucas Girmachew Reply

Studham gonna continue the dynasty

Sadie Mears Reply

Happy birthday jarrett

devin hitchens Reply

He can run, once we develop his pocket skills he will be deadly for us in the future. For now just sit down and watch how the GOAT moves #TB12

    Dixson Lauofo Reply

    devin hitchens man, nobody does it better. Call me bias but Brady is a magician in the pocket. A little shoulder lean here a shuffle there, stepping up in the pocket and right when the defender bout to hit him he gets rid of it! Will be a very sad day when he retires

Marc Ryan Reply


Kirk Moore Reply

Breathtaking photos, crystal clear audio. Fine work by the cameraman!!

Richard Estes Reply

Great job today, keep it up!

Christopher Phillips Reply

Seems like a great kid. Loved how he threw tonight. Hoyer was very impressive also. Good to know we have capable backups for Brady. All the rookies look great tonight. Go Pats

James Reply

he looks like a brady and not tom…brady bunch stidham

tombrady 12 Reply


Big White Duck Reply

Reminds me of Alex smith. Would be nice to see him develop

Wilbur The Pig Reply

He can say “you know” all day long playing like that.

Nellybo knockdown Reply

You know he is real talented you know really talented you know i think he could continue the dynasty you know?

Ben Weagle Reply

Guys just got to learn under Brady while he can. Kid could turn into something

Joseph Lauren Reply

Tell him to do NECK CURLS That neck is too thin to last in the NFL

Kevin Sluder Reply

Joseph Lauren. His neck don’t matter, what’s between his ears does. Don’t you remember Steve Grogan. He had a pretty good career. Number 14 look him up. Let’s go for number 7 boys this year.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Let’s go, Jarett – do your JOB –

WnrWnrChkinDnr Reply

War Eagle!
Believe in hard work and love it!

Im1CrazyCow Reply

The Kid Looked Really Good Last Night, If he is to be Brady’s Replacement they may have found that Diamond in the rough they can shape into the best player he can be for the Patriots when Tom does retire!! I think Josh will Draw up some Great Plays that this young man can do that TOM cant because Stidham has a bit more mobility than TOM does but as we all Know that’s OK if you have the right Supporting cast and we all Know Bill makes sure that Front Line is like an 80’s Pocket Protector…….it might not look Pretty but get the Job Done and then some!! Cow}:-o)

Brandon Lopez Reply

Love JARETT! He is our future! Lets go pats

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