52 replies on “Jarrett Stidham | Auburn University game highlights”

  1. He moves like Brady in the pocket & is a good mobile thrower like Russell Wilson. I like this pick. Can’t wait to see him in the Preseason.

  2. Welcome Jarrett. Did you ever dream that you would play behind Brian Hoyer and Tom SB Brady? You must be jazzed. God Bless the Patriots

  3. Is it just me or does everyone wonder about posting a comment about the ad they got but then they think… There’s no way someone else got that too lol

  4. I knew this was the right pic for the Pats 20 seconds into the video. Him throwing warmups from his knee at the 2:25 mark really showed his arm strength.

  5. If YouTube was huge back when Brady was drafted, I wonder how many fans would say things like “He’s just a camp arm”, and “He’s not the future, why did we draft him?”

  6. Guy 1: Let’s get the new intern to make the video.

    Guy 2: Bill? Really? I don’t think he knows how to do that?

    Guy 1: How hard is it? He just has to post some highlights with maybe some music over it.

  7. Michael Foley I probably would’ve tbh. What type of QB who wasn’t even a full time starter, skinny, slow, mediocre arm talent becomes the greatest quarterback of all time? Only TB12. We will never see that again. Ever.

  8. I thought this was a parody in that we dont see a single highlight till 3 mins in.

    Its just him standing around until then lol.

  9. Welcome to NE u were the only qb from college that I knew 😂 or paid attention to welcome the NE ❤️💙

  10. Watched him his whole aub career. Has very nervous feet and won’t step into throws (Brady did this out of mich). Remember this is a highlight vid

  11. True, the combine brought him down but it also helped, TB likes to prove everyone wrong and he sure did a great job doing just that!!

  12. kenny Doherty second that his pocket poise can use work especially if he’s nervous in the pocket in college the league just gets faster when taking it to the next level I want to see him build on that foundation

  13. Nah hoyer is definitely going to be 3rd string since he’s never really been that good at all in his whole career only reason he was 2nd strings was because the Pat’s had Tom Brady and just himself

  14. I dont care who they draft. Its going to suck when TB12 retires. No one will come close to his skills or his character. We have been so blessed to Have Tom Brady. He will for ever be my favorite NE Patriot. My favorite athelete. As far as I am concerned Brady can play until he is ready to quit. After 6 lombardi trophies he has earned the right to retire when he is ready. I will for ever be greatfull for all the pride and joy he has brought NE. We have the GOAT. How damn lucky we are.

  15. @LeBron James He is gonna most likely develop into a way better QB than tom was when he started.

  16. The funny thing is that Hoyer is 1000000x better than that scrub starting in Baltimore

  17. bill is going to do it again coach stidham into toms successor and torture every team with the next iteration of the terminator

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