Jamie Collins on returning to the Patriots: “It’s feel like I’m back at home” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bumble Bee Reply

he’s so funny! So glad he’s back. I bet he appreciates everything more now, after being on a losing team.

    Jose Lopez Reply

    Bumble Bee he has a family to support


    @Jose Lopez His family is well taken care of, especially with the contract that the brown’s gave him but Bumble Bee is correct.

    YaBoyy John Reply


    C S Reply

    The way Jason McCourty reacted to just making the playoffs last year coming from Cleveland…I’m going to guess he is very glad to be back.

Austin Ahern Reply

Nice!!! That is great that he has come back to the Patriots!!! Let’s go Jamie!!!

Wayne Dejnak Reply

Nice to have Jamie Collins back on defense.

    Bsp Productions Reply

    you know

    YaBoyy John Reply


    Lacrosse24ify Reply

    Feels amazing such a good player. And great defensive leader! Go Pats

    Andrew Taylor Reply

    agreed; sad when he left.. GLAD GOTS HIM BACK

James Wood Reply

So upset when he left, even happier to have him back.

    Brandon Daniels Reply

    Yeah, it didn’t make much sense at the time. But, obviously, he grew a lot as person! If he didn’t get traded, then they would’ve have just had to tolerate him, and he probably wouldn’t have improved so much. So, it was kinda like a good thing he was traded. Just glad he’s back!

    Madison Yarletts Reply

    I bet you were happier then when you were upset

    Action Jackson Reply

    James Wood technically he didn’t leave, he got traded because he thought he could hustle bill belichick about wanting more money because of how good he was becoming on the team. belichick, then shipped him off to cleveland in an instant after collins tried demanding for more money. he learned his lesson and now i think he’s become a better person. great to have him back though, he’s a beast.

Rulesnwitz Reply

“I beat the ref so somebody had to signal TD I just figured it’d be me” wow

Scott Runnels Reply

You are home my friend and welcomed with open arms!!!! Go Pats!!!!

Scott Gibson Reply

Welcome home, its great to have you back in NE

Mystic Mac Reply

welcome back homeboy! lets get this 7th ring😁😁😁

P Pumpkin Reply

Funny guy. I’m sneaky fast. I beat the referee so I had to signal my own touchdown. Time ran out, so I took my second interception down the tunnel into the locker room.

R.E. Tired Reply

Joining the Patriots is like going in the Army, it’s Boot Camp. You become a better man, with a better view of the world around you. Only difference, your probably disappointed when you leave the Patriots.

danny Last Reply

i loved it when he ran off the field and down the tunnel..time to go…lol

vipahman Reply

From the most winning team to the most losing team and back. Let’s Go Jamie!

Raj Autar Reply

Collins and Hightower are a dangerous combination glad he’s back

    Marc C Reply

    Van Noy on the outside line as well

Boondock Reply

I love this youtube channel thanks for all the videos team!!!!

Rocky Jeter Webb Reply

Welcome back to Pats Nation Jamie Collins! Back where you belong! Let’s Go 🏈!

Steven Nieto Reply

Anybody remember when we sent Collins to Cleveland and the next game he had that goofy hair style?? Hahaha. Glad he’s back!

Chris Collier Reply

He’s done well for himself during his time away.

C S Reply

Collins was a monster the 1st time around. There was nothing I didn’t think he couldn’t do. Glad he’s back.

Sleeve Them All Reply

Great game Jamie, let’s see some more INTs against those Jets! LET’S GO!

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Jamie, have a good time in NE.

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