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Jamie Collins addressed the media during OTA’s and discussed his return to New England and being coached by his former teammate, Jerod Mayo.

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34 replies on “Jamie Collins on OTA’s: “I’m grinding every day””

  1. I can just feel that chip on his shoulder, let’s go Jamie! I’m rooting for you to have a great season!

  2. Anybody still wondering if the Patriots are serious about a 7th? I’m convinced.

  3. Good Luck Jamie, you have a good and responsible attitude and that is very important.

  4. Mr. Collins, you are a great natural talent. Follow the coaching schemes and get your 2nd SB. Be humble.

  5. Jamie is happy to be back. I had the opportunity to meet him here in Gulfport, Ms at the airport and had a one on one conversation with him. This was just days after he got traded to Cleveland. He told me the same thing like he is telling the reporters…its just business. He also told me that he didnt have any bad feelings about getting traded and that he could one day return to the Patriots before his career ended. And look…he is back! Very humble guy and he also took pics with me and asked me did I have Instagram and he pulled his phone out and followed me right then and there. Very chill and humble guy…The New England Patriots are my favorite NFL team and I’m a Patriots fan that lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (Gulfport, Ms) and I live about 45 mins to an hour from New Orleans. He is from McCall Creek, Ms and by him coming back to the Patriots made it that much sweeter!!!

  6. Awesom2beme lonestar LOL…. I didn’t want to jinx it but I’m with you on that one. Been stuck in their craw for a long time now. Go out in flaming glory. GOATS? No questions now.

  7. Collins signed an extension with Cleveland for 4 yrs/$55M of which he was paid $27M. Looking at $11.5M this year, he got cut and after 8 weeks of searching for a team he lands with the Pats on a one year team friendly contract that is heavy on playing time incentives. And only $250,000 guaranteed. He’ll be lucky to earn $3M out of the $5M max if he lasts the whole season. Hope Collins is able to turn back the clock and can get his career on track again. Cleveland made him wealthy but he regressed big time in that system.

  8. It’s a business but you still a BEAST. Keep it up JC! Once a Patriot always a Patriot. This LB squad gonna need a nickname here soon. Bunker Hill is what I’m thinking. No way you guys giving up easy yards this season.

  9. We definitely missed him vs the Eagles. Imagine if he was the signal caller whem Hightower was out, 7 rings right now.

  10. @KORN 1999 stfu already Korn ball lol and just get to us to losing already your team probably haven’t won a 🏆 since 1955💩bag 🖕🖕

  11. Clearly he has humbled himself just to come back here and play for such a fickle fanbase. This guy was an awesome player. Who cares if he had one or two bad games in his last season when contract negotiations led to hurt feelings. Happened with Randy Moss too. We don’t remember Moss for his 2009 season so why does everyone remember Collins for that game against Buffalo? What about the two or three seasons before that??

  12. @Patrick Patterson I always liked him. I will always remember that play where he jumped over the line. He does seem like a decent guy. There is nothing wrong with being humble.

  13. @Patrick Patterson You’re a fucking moron. It’s not the fan base that didn’t want him. He wasn’t playing within Belichick’s scheme so he cut him.

  14. @Awesom2beme lonestar They have to start faster than last season. They need to all stay healthy and Harry needs to have a Malcolm Mitchell type rookie season. Either Gordon or Thomas have to step up. The defense will show up. It’s on the offense to put up enough points if they are off for a game or two.

  15. Got Bennett, Collins, Hightower, Van Noy, Chung, Wise all pressure the qb from different parts of the field. New guy Chase is going to be a beast along with Bentley coming back. Qbs going to be spend a lot of time on their asses

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