Jamel Dean on Building Off Rookie Season & Lining Up Against Evans, Godwin | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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HandCannonGoat Reply


RockSolidEJV420 Reply

Future shutdown corner

Bo Davis Reply

Dean has yet to play a full season at any level. I hope 🤞🏾 he can stay healthy this year.

Estate of Meredith Reply

He’s so genuine and funny isn’t he?😂 Watching his Auburn film he was glued on his receivers, it was ridiculous really. If he wasn’t injured he’s a Top 10 pick. Glad he’s stretching and watching his diet. He has the build to get to 220 easily in a couple weeks lol

    Jay Els Reply

    Shawn Brink good ol mr brinks

    Shawn Brink Reply

    @Jay Els We have an actual Buc fan here ladies and gentlemen. Not some NE fanboy jumping ship.

    Estate of Meredith Reply

    Which games did he give up big plays where he blew a coverage or played poor technique? I didn’t see any when he was healthy. The question is can he do it consistently. If he stays focused he is a shutdown corner with his technique and length.

    Jay Els Reply

    Shawn Brink legit. The bandwagon runneth over.

    Estate of Meredith Reply

    Lol I’m ok with being wrong. If your guy Brink has better film assessment and access than I do then hey I’m wrong. Eyeball test says when this dude is focused and healthy he’s a lockdown corner more than anyone else on our team. Davis can cover inside 15yards but Dean can cover anywhere in the field with his speed.

    I’m willing to bet on these plays he gave up he was out partying the night before or just wasn’t focused.

    Definitely not a bandwagon fan I’ve been a fan since ‘97 and I was at that SF TB game when the Bucs hurt Rice and Young. I was a 49er fan because I always liked Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. I fell in love with the Bucs’ grit and swagger and the Bucs were my #1 team after that game.

    Anyhow I’m pumped for the season and I’ll reel in the hyperboles. 🍻

Kathleen Bennett Reply

=) Go Bucs!!!!!

Joel El Rican Reply

Hey, guess who Jenna asked about 😂🤣😂

    Christopher Britt Reply

    It’s annoying too…. lol

Phillip Spencer Reply

We should challenge Jenna to not ask about Brady for one full day…

    youngdeezy2007 Reply

    She asks those questions about Brady to give ESPN what they want from her…

Drew Linder Reply

I like this kid. Can’t wait to see what he does in year 2

AaronsVids2 Reply

Cocoa high school Florida

NMS Cafe Ka-Tet Reply

Is this the new normal having the reporters faces never show? Cause I hate it personally

Mark eatinnGuud Reply

Meek dat u?

E H Reply

Jenna: “I have already asked this is everyone but …. Brady….”😂🤣

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