Jameis Winston’s ‘A Night to Achieve Dreams’ Event & Bucs to Face Giants QB Daniel Jones | Bucs Beat – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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alex_de_tampa Reply

Hope he has a breakout game soon

Mike wesolowski Reply

First? Will the bucs respond?

Cartman Power Reply

The Buccaneers are in a “shipwreck”.

    Yorboi Reply

    @Cartman Power Not performing well? We won last week and if Jameis had not thrown interceptions against the 49ers we would have easily won. Research a little harder next time bud.

    Cartman Power Reply

    I’m saying they haven’t performed well due to not making the playoffs since 2007.

    Tinkey Reply

    Cartman Power that may be true but the optimism is real for the bucs. Finally a good coaching staff that wants to improve and win.

    A A Reply

    Cartman Power the Bucs acquired a top 5 coaching staff in the league this offseason.

    Moroni Araújo Reply

    THE same game

Angel Feliciano Reply

As Human Being Jameis You Are A Star. Relax Your MIND Young Sir. YOU are the Heart of This Team GO PLAY!!! HAVE FUN!!!!

Angel Feliciano Reply

Cassie!!! You Look INCREDIBLE as Usuall

King Bucs Reply

I love Jamies but if he doesn’t perform well. Here comes fromm or tua

explore 2580 Reply

bucs got their coach …they will beat the g men im betting on it…but only if jameis doesnt put himself above the team..

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