Jameis Winston: RoJo is Dominating the Run Game | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dominates but not dominating the touches…RoJo should get 20 touches a game…but Arians will keep this RBBC since he likes Barber.

saviron hipps

Rojo far better than barber. Plz dont start rojo when our season is basically over,we did this last year and seen him run hard but it was too late by then

    Floridian HQ

    saviron hipps they’re both equally good

    Jay Els

    Floridian HQ yea rojo more explosive. He gotta be lacking something if arians hasn’t named him starter. I still like barber.


    saviron hipps dude three games in equals season basically over?! You must be new to football

    J M

    saviron hipps over?😂😂😂 also barber runs with heart and power basically won us that game in Carolina.

Dark Ness

Did he say I take sacks that’s what I do? I know that’s right 😂

    Eli Knight

    Dark Ness he really does need to run more

    Dark Ness

    @Eli Knight he should have been running it especially when we had no run game the last few years. Could have kept the D honest to the run.


    I think they like to see him run around when they constantly refuse to improve the OL.

    Eli Knight

    Dark Ness bruh they did read option one time Jameis gave it to the runner back if he would of kept it he could of got a good 30 yards

Antony Brown

I fuckn hate this QB

    Majek Swagger

    He makes 21 million dollars this here, he doesn’t care whether you like him or not loser.

Antony Brown

He did an interview saying he was ready to shut the haters up!! All talk and no action

    Jay Els

    Eli Knight people jus hate this dude.

    Eli Knight

    Jay Els it’s still early mann we can still be 10-6tbh and wassup with Scotty Miller we needa put him out there it’ll help us

    Jay Els

    Eli Knight true. Miller and Watson. And sub these rook dbs in for Stewart n Davis.

    Eli Knight

    Jay Els like fr mann I wanna win bruh it’s to much talent on this team we needa use it let Scott be a playmaker put him in the slot,jet sweep,punt return And Watson could play in the slot as well and let rojo get more carriers


    It’s like they intentionally don’t improve the OL for him so they can watch him run around and get sacked on purpose. We drafted him as a pocket passer and we never gave him the OL he needed to succeed, I mean look at his mechanics. He requires a top 5 OL, especially without a kicker or an elite RB. No playoffs here boys.

LeDevin Green

Listen very closely to the way Jameis Winston is talkin. He’s becoming more confident. It’s the first thing I noticed

    Q Kellz

    I disagree but that’s just my humble opinion

    LeDevin Green

    @Q Kellz go watch the last one he body language. There was no mention of how to do better. Not at all and he was extremely engaged hes starting to get it


    LeDevin Green Year 5 and he still doesn’t get it. Arians is trying to save Winston career, leys see what happens.


    He needs a top 5 OL to succeed

Enrique Miron

You have to learn from the rookies man!!! Stop worrying about your stats and just find ways to win games!

Jay Els

Keep feeding Evans deep.

Krystian Pawlowski

Who is the girl reporter? She always asks pretty dumb questions.

    Nate Pitts

    Krystian Pawlowski
    Jenna Lane probably. (ESPN)

Nate Pitts

Reporter: Do you like to sleep with one pillow, Jameis, or two on the plane?

…what kind of questions are these??

Stan ezen

Final score: Rams🏈35 Buccaneers 17

Sidaris McDaniel

Should be 3-0, beat the Rams and Saints and show the league, city, and fans the Bucs are contenders. Lose and its hello top 10 draft pick…..AGAIN!!!!

    Shanta Grant

    💀💀 another draft pick wasted on a kicker need a draft full of dbs and offensive linemen

Keith Saunders Jr

Can y’all start rojo over Payton please he’s a better runner

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