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Ben Hagos

Sorry Jameis. If you want to be accepted by Bucs fans you’ll need to be able to not only set up the game winning FG but make the kick yourself….

    stupid boi

    Its not his fault its the kickers fault.

    Arthur Pacheco

    Raging_ _Bull he’s being sarcastic

    Mark eatinnGuud


andrew d

i knew we were going to lose some games but this is a game we cant lose … they didnt have saquon and a rookie quarterback that only won 7 games in 4 years at duke 🤦‍♂️


    andrew d 7 games in 4 years?? first of all he played 3 years, and won 19 games.


    Nebula i think he is thinking of Trubisky

    andrew d

    BrutalAsBucs i might be idk i heard someone on espn say that i think they said tribusky my bad either way he was a rookie


    andrew d true at the end of the day rookie and no Saquon put up 32 pts on us and the homers are still blaming Jameis smh… Its like Jameis needs to put up 100 pts


    @andrew d probably trubisky and it’s close but he won 8 games in 1 year.

Parish D

Thank you Jameis for playing an overall great game. Always professional and ALWAYS with a team first attitude. Super tough loss but let’s get focused on the Rams. Go Bucs!

    Eli Knight

    New QB and new cornerbacks yess he played good but Winston has had his time in Tampa

Tampa Supreme 813. #Bucsvideos

I know Winston hate talking to the press after the game

    Travis Belcher

    Most definitely 😂


    That’s cause he know they always gonna try to blame him for a loss.

Thomas Paiva

I feel so bad for jameis. I’m not saying he’s not one of the big problems in many loses but he always takes 100% of the blame


    Thomas Paiva the guy putting up 32 pts is not the problem lol

    Calvert Williamson

    Thomas Paiva Which games did Jameis cost the Bucs to lose? I have watched every game prior to Dungy being fired. Every game Jameis has played.

    Yuuma Uezato

    He is the problem

    Corey Oden

    Can’t blame this one on him.

Fernando Vergara

After the panthers win and the first half of play I was excited…. but I was ready for whatever the second half was going to bring


I felt sick but this the main reason why I tell people don’t worry about his record look at our kickers.

    Cody Wright

    I remember back when I was a kid, ALL kickers were pretty much perfect. If you saw a kicker it was like “ok it’s three at least” all over the league the last few years at least and kickers have been making it seem like it’s the hardest thing ever


    Man, how many times are we gonna keep losing 1 possession games because our kicker decides to be cheeks?

Faith Runner

Great attitude, don’t know how we fell victim to this L.

Corey Oden

At 4:15, the reporter tries to get Winston to trash his kicker. I like the way he didn’t take the bait.

    G G

    What a gentleman , im a manager , sometimes my guys mess up, but i always have their back

    King Sol Om Om

    IKr, that bait failed right in that reporters face

    david sanders

    I can’t stand Jameis, but yes, he did good there+

Krystian Pawlowski

Great game Jameis 👍 whatever our record is at the end of the season, I support you as the future qb of the bucs

Faith Runner

Hold your guys accountable too man. That’s the only way they’ll improve.

    Preconceived Notions

    I don’t think you’re very qualified to give out criticism little bud

    Faith Runner

    Preconceived Notions qualifications for criticism? Criticism is going to happen either way you look at it.

Oliver Lion

1 and 2 and got rams plus saint I believe I’m done


This loss is not your fault Jameis, Special teams are not playing up to expectations. kicker and the punt returns not good. Don’t know why, we couldn’t put a spy on this Qb on the last Td he ran in.


    dpbuc32 huge missed play call, need to blitz or spy no other option there on 4th down

Eli Navy

Jameis after today I love you man. Offense finally clicked, and Leftwhich unleashed 80 and 13. Nice catches from everybody, keep plowing man

Trust My Clutch

Jameis been balling out lately… love his positivity too

Cody Wright

After having this same type of press conference so many times…I have never seen such a look on his face as the start of this one. The ice is already extremely thin…and today it cracked A LOT. He played great, but another L is another L. AND the next couple games and gonna make Giants look like child’s play. Even if we win with the kick, I wasn’t happy. They should have NEVER CAME BACK like they did

Jared Guitarr

This man is the future of our franchise whether you like it or not. Defense just needs to learn how to finish. That being said the offense played lights out. Go #3!


    If he keeps balling out like he did today not one person can justify not at least tagging him and seeing if he can continue to play that well a 2nd year in this scheme.

LeDevin Green

Tell Byron Leftwich I said one more two tight end sets. Run some play action out of it run most of your offensive plays 60% of them should be in your to tighten set play this is why we’re not completing third Downs. Why are we carrying for tight ends if we’re not running too tight end sets


Hey can someone tell BA or Leftwich to tell Winston it’s okay to run when the receivers are locked up? He’s been taking too many sacks holding onto the ball for so long.

Maliek Jackson

Jameis played okay…just the field goal kicker failed them

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