Jameis Winston on Reducing Turnovers, Facing Carolina’s Defense | Bucs Postgame Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kevin522 Reply

Bruce Arians: “Jameis, no turnovers today”
Jameis: “5, take it or leave it”

Kevin Symicek Reply


    Griffin Greatness Reply

    Kevin Symicek Griffin boutta take his job

    ConservativeAnthem Reply

    His toss to Luke Kuechly was crazy bad.

    carter1431 Reply

    @ConservativeAnthem he actually got hit on that pass which forced the ball down into keucly

Dolls Bill Reply

Yโ€™all drop a trash can..๐Ÿ—‘not only for winston but the whole team

Eric Rodriguez Reply


Eric Rodriguez Reply

this every year i think its bout that time move on.

I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

Jameis will be good, just give him about 15 more season to develop. He can be the goat!

Bruce Gelin Reply

Same song…time to move on

brandon ruggiero Reply

“I’d say the first pick was 50% on JW and 50% on Evans, the second was 100% on the OLine (and they played terrible today), the 3rd pick is hard to call as he got cracked right as he threw and the ball wobbled, so I’m not sure whether it would have picked had he not get hit or not, but Captain America read him well … it’s a tough one to call … the 4th and especially the 5th picks I LOVED as they are proof of what I’ve said for 6 years … JW does not care about “stats” at all and will ALWAYS try to make a play to help his team, and those two throws were perfect examples of that … the 4th one was a 4th down throw that NEEDED to be thrown even if the interception possibility was high … and the 5th throw was the right throw, needed to be thrown … JW is not Dak, Rodgers, etc., he’s not going to just airmail the ball on those last two picks to “preserve passer rating”; he doesn’t are about stats at all, ala Favre.
As for the fumble lost … 100% on JW even though the O-Line didn’t block well … you’ve got to throw that ball away. Honestly, my guess is THAT turnover will be the ONLY one that Arians is really upset about.”

    BrutalAsBucs Reply

    Eli Manning went from 2 time Superbowl champion to bottom tier QB all because of O line… why dont people understand how important O line is… it starts the run and you need time for routes to develop… bunch of brain dead idiots saying put in griffin… its fitzmagic all over again… INVEST in OLINE

    ConservativeAnthem Reply

    @Kent Jackson He’s fightin like a raccoon in a garbage can for a turkey leg.

    Han Solo Reply

    Ya’ll been making excuses for this clown since he got drafted. Hasn’t improved. Will not improve. Time to move on.

    Michael Filias Reply

    Han Solo so put in Ryan griffin? Nope let winston play until the offseason. You guys never like winston from the get go(By you guys I mean you and every jameis winston hater out there). Winston will be great. Same age as Goff and wince, the only difference is they inherited a great offense of line.

Antwion Parker Reply

Bro the fans are tired of you and the same ole i have to do better speech. It’s time to move on. Start Griffin.

No capquay Reply

Jamies had a terrible game by far his worst game ever

Tim L Reply

He is never going change and the team needs to realize that before extending him

Zach L Reply

Glad I didn’t watch this game or my stress would have been maxed!!!

Mike. J Reply

None of you guys realize that itโ€™s not just him, the o-line canโ€™t block to save anyone and that was the majority of the reason that Jameis had such a bad game. Its not just him. We didnโ€™t invest in the o-line at all this offseason and itโ€™s clearly showing. We can have all the weapons in the world, but if you have to time to throw, whats the point?

    Matt Colson Reply

    Mike. J Getting tired of hearing excuses…. Carolina had two back up olinemen to, but they managed.

Leo Reply

He sounds salty…anyone know where they put the pepper? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

stillatit 50 Reply

As an FSU fan…I have to say it’s time for him to be back up. He’s been in the league too long to play like this.

No capquay Reply

Why does Jamies stay in the pocket like that why not run the football and slide smh your not Tom Brady you gotta do better

Devin Henderson Reply

I like how he open his eyes during press conferences but squints during the game.

alonzo8563 Reply

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I will give him this….he his very good with his words

J M Reply

I will say heโ€™s starting to look like a choker but hopefully he wins the next 2 and gets us back on track

Disney Kid at Heart Reply

Everyone who says Jameis is good, heโ€™s a loser. He is what his record and stats says he is. He looks confused on the field.

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