Jameis Winston on O.J. Howard Factoring Into the Run Game | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ben Hagos


cam Mitch

Giving your chance a team I love Winston

    cam Mitch

    @AmaZment717 lol he said it twice

    Mongo Slade

    cam Mitch please National media, do not exploit this. The got his words mixed up


    Right lol


    Give your chance a team.

    cam Mitch

    Aye we gotta give our chance a team baby let’s go bucs


Put Griffin in

    Trendsetta Cobe

    @mikedabucify regardless he still the best Qb on the team, but if you wanna take it there I’ll take it even further the entire bucs organization has been a failure for the past 10 years long before Winston even got here.


    @Trendsetta Cobe well duh, and I still say our Griffin in.


    @Yorboi yes he was. What game did you watch. Win didn’t win that game as much as Carolina lost it.

    Joseph Allen

    eat poop


Do it big Jabo!

Mongo Slade

Not one analyst from the major networks is giving the Bucs a chance to win the division. With Brees out, I think it can happen, especially with this new defense

    Tampa Supreme 813. #Bucsvideos

    Bruh I feel you on that. The mainstream media will never give us any respect. Wait until JPP return and he will fortify our defence

    Live Love Life

    Panthers not doing nothing Cam don’t look like cam

    ATL go up and down 1wk they look unbeatable next look like the worst team

    Our Deff is a lot better with JPP still out Winston just got to manage the game like he did Last week we really should be 2-0 we will win the Division 💯


Run Ronald jones

Corey Hall

My Quarterback

Tampa Supreme 813. #Bucsvideos

Winston if you take care of the ball we will be in every game and will have a legit opportunity to make the playoff because the bucs defense is finally competent

After Asteroid Survivor

I’m offended with the NFL…..they are ignoring the fact that there’s 5 Teams in the NFC South. Saints, Panthers, Falcons, Bucs and Bucs. We have a hard time with the Bucs beating the Bucs.

Robert Jackson

No offense to OJ Howard, but why is there no talk about Cam Brate?
He does a great job when we use him. In my mind, when we aquired OJ, it should have fixed any problems we have at TE.
So far it hasn’t worked out that way.

Nathaniel Lund

Jamies dislikes Jenna

    jgriffin 6272

    I noticed that last year. But I also thinks Jenna dislikes Jameis

    Dtm Jax

    jgriffin 6272 ESPN dislikes Jameis.

    jgriffin 6272

    @Dtm Jax Yep. And I hope he prove them wrong

Degenerate Garage

As this year has gone by, I’m starting to notice Winston carrying himself more like Bruce and less like Dirk. Every conversations ends with fundamentals and good decisions, not excuses.

Eric B.


Trill Rodrihurd

If you don’t win against NYG we ain comin to rjs again until you’re gone.

Nihgee Eddington

Y’all ain’t gonna go no where if Winston is thinking about being replaced if he dont bring his team to the playoffs… just saying play ur game Winston and stop being scary

William Magazine

I love how errrrrrr1 sleeping on us.lets go famous

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