Jameis Winston on Connection With Chris Godwin | Bucs vs. Saints Postgame Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ben Davis Reply

Great qb, we only lost because of defense and the refs making terrible calls

    Brock Reply

    And our pass protection was horrible

    No Logic 3k Reply

    Brock Look at it like this as well Winston is making less major mistakes.

    Greg Pope Reply

    The lies

    Ben Davis Reply

    @Greg Pope the salty saints fan

I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

Can we please cut Dotson and move Smith to right tackle and see if Vea or Suh want to play left tackle when JPP comes back. Also our starting safeties should be Jamal Dean and Justin Evans. Where are they!!!! Put Carlton Davis at number 2 corner and VH3 at slot and go get Patrick Peterson or Jalen Ramsey!!! Last when is JPP and Devin White coming back!?!?!? Bench MJ, Edwards, and Bunting until they are ready. Either do this or just tank the season and we get what we need in 2020 and come out swinging….

    Berto26100 Reply

    Stop dreaming and keep eating the Ls Winston serving up

Savage Man Reply

o line and secondary and refs losts us this game

Deneko Brown Reply

Throw to Mike Evans

    Antoine Walden Reply

    That’s been the problem dont force the ball to mike if he is not open it’s called “pic’s”

    Jay Els Reply

    Ben Hagos you know. It’ll be them same people bitching bout him throwing pics

    Ben Hagos Reply

    @Jay Els exactly bro

    Randall Cunningham Reply

    You can’t force it to any player. If Evans is being doubled someone else is open. Godwin 125 yards and 2 TD’s is proof of that.

carter1431 Reply

Oline gotta block. Plain and simple. Secondary is continuing their seasonal trend of always being the worst in the league. Will the bucs ever solve this problem. Every qb this season has had a 300 yrd game with ease. Trade fir Ramsey. Give up a pick or two because the bucs rarely draft well anyways.

    bowlchamps37 Reply

    Ramsey won´t save that problem. Secondary is more than one player. Look at other great CBs over the years. Pass defense is a team effort. QBs would just avoid Ramsey and pass on the other 3-5 DBs. There is no good secondary with only one good player.

    carter1431 Reply

    @bowlchamps37 my point is there is no db that scares an opponent on that roster so there is no game plan needed to bracket any part of the field. Ramsey would be a stop gap building block because he would shut down a quarter of the field. That would give 3 to 5 more seconds for the rush to be more consistent.

    Will Johnson Reply

    Ramsey I love his tenacity but don’t think he’s the answer. Seems everyone is forgetting Patrick Peterson wants out of Arizona. He’s played in the system before plus would be a great vet presence in that DB room. Plus I don’t think he’ll cost as much as Ramsey.

Gerrod Elston Reply

Tough loss. Please let’s not put this on Jameis.We just got out coached and out played

    Jonathan Bazley Reply

    Jameis did what he could, definitely not his fault

Berto26100 Reply

Y’all thought that just bc y’all beat the rams that things have changed in Tampa. Lol. Thanks for helping us get the jump on rams. From Nola. Go eat an L

Berto26100 Reply

Go eat an L.

    m.o.e Reply

    dude why are you trashing on a team that’s been bad for literally almost a decade? I just don’t understand what your gaining from this.

    Aldee Natar Reply

    You eat an L, are you a Bucs fan or what? He just ate an L, you just ate an L too.

brenda pryce Reply

Plz cut dotson

Tubfart504 Reply

Fix them crisscrossed eyes and I think we’ll see pass production go up. Y’all poo

brenda pryce Reply

And put somebody in the takel postion

brenda pryce Reply

Burcee is going put the sense in these players and plz its been 3yr I seen enough of vh3 getting beat

    Frank Bevins Reply

    brenda pryce didn’t he win us the Carolina game

brenda pryce Reply

By avarage wr

William Reply

TOUGH loss Bucs. Go saints.

Thomas Paiva Reply

I feel bad for jameis… I know this comment will catch slack but hes a true professional and this is getting sad

    Kamishinii Reply

    Thomas Paiva dudes not a true professional. Did you not see him aggressively push Cams head into the ground? Dudes a complete chump.

    Thomas Paiva Reply

    @Kamishinii no hes not smg

    Damien Woody Looks Like My Profile Picture Reply

    @Kamishinii right…sore loser 😂😂😂

Nate Pitts Reply

Can’t hang this L on Jaboo. Man was running for his life the entire game. O-line was non-existent.

    Reasmiey Phann Reply


LeVon Carson Reply

Keep grinding Jameis!!!

supercaptainamericanmarvelman Reply

No matter what you wanna say about winston, he stands up there with a good attitude and doesn’t make excuses. Take notice cam.

Zareh Kantzabedian Reply

“Well you know we gotta do better…we gotta execute…..scoring is good.” Why do we even have post game press conferences.?

winwithgrn Reply

He said “I think we ran the football effectively”. What game was he at? The run game got stuffed all day. WHODAT nation best in the NFL

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