Jameis Winston on Bucs-Panthers Rematch in London | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Curtis Harrell Reply

Go Winston

conrad jones Reply

Let’s see if he gets hit in the head twice this game with out a flag. Tom Brady would JS

Ben Hagos Reply

You can tell Jameis is sick of Jenna at this point

Will Johnson Reply

She’s terrible please stop letting her ask questions or limit her to 1, 2 max. She makes my head hurt. Lol

Zach Wilson Reply

Let’s get kelvin Benjamin and reunite him with jamis, also get a secondary

    Zach Wilson Reply

    Ya, I was just pointing out that Jameis and Kelvin had good chemistry at FSU. And he would be cheap. We will be strong once our o line develops as it will make the whole offense better, and we will improve our defense over the season, we could easily be a playoff team next year. Also Rojo is getting better and will improve more once our o line does.

    Calvert Williamson Reply

    Zach Wilson We need to get a secondary. You cannot hide the flaws of the secondary. The secondary is killing us. How many yards can a secondary give up?

andrew d Reply

stop letting jennna ask questions she hates jameis only talks about his bad

brenda pryce Reply

Jenna her voice is so annoying

brenda pryce Reply

She always be asking wired questions

brenda pryce Reply

Jenna talks to much

Shamir Qureshi Reply

Yo, how many times in Jenna gonna ask Jameis if he sleeps on the planes?

Beautiful Mindfulness Reply

I need yall on this one Tampa ⚜⚜⚜

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