Jameis Winston on Brees & Payton as Deciding Factors Signing w/ Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jameis Winston on Brees & Payton as Deciding Factors Signing w/ Saints

quarterback Jameis Winston first interview as a Saint. Jameis signed a one year deal with the and mentioned learning under and Sean Payton as big factors in his decision.

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Cam Fry

Arians was Mannings coach when he threw 28 Ints and Winston’s coach when he threw 30. That’s an Arians issue IMO. I think Winston would do great with the cast of teammates we have. Good luck Jameis! I’m pulling for you! Who Dat! ⚜⚜⚜

    Mr. McCann

    If Teddy Bridgewater Can Go 5-0 With That Offense I’m Pretty Sure Winston Can To.

    Cam Fry

    @Mr. McCann considering we won 12-10 over the Cowgirls with 4 FGs I have no doubt Winston can do that and more! ⚜⚜⚜

    Dominic Faison

    Mr. McCann What? Teddy had a winning record before the Saints

    Mr. McCann

    @Dominic Faison Teddy Hardly Threw The Ball When Drew Was Out. That Is A Pass Happy Offense And Winston Is A Pass Happy QB.

    Dan Winfield

    It’s true I bet Tom throws at least 12… Not a high number but cmon. It’s Tom.

Joel Snell

Come on Jamie’s got the potential and skills just focus more his craft


Me so far watching this Jameis seems like a humble QB

    Dan Winfield

    He lost Drew’s autograph though.

    Mike Barnes

    Well yeah, considering he said “humble” like 4 times in the first question

Ron Bisbing

Welcome Jameis. WHO DAT!!!!!! I think it’s a great signing and Jameis will most likely be our future starting quarterback and pro bowl quarterback.

    Inevitable Expertise

    I hope so

    Sleepy Head



    Yup he will take the reigns after Drew retires next year..we wont miss a beat

Derek L

The fact that Jameis is a Christian and a father is enough for me to give him the benefit of a doubt and a fair chance. It took lot for the man to humble himself and sign here plus take a 1mill contract. What ever side of the fence you on you have a legitimate reason to be their. I’m putting my trust more in Brees mentoring than Jameis abilities. As for me if your wearing a Saints uniform I’m withcha!

    Dan Winfield

    Lol religion won’t help him on the field. I loved the interview until he said he lost Drew’s autograph lmao.

    Hawk 490

    @Mason Benjamin yessir

    Mr. Nice Guy

    Would you give him the benefit of the doubt and a “fair” chance if he wasn’t a christian and a father?

    Derek L

    @Mr. Nice Guy I don’t know why my actions is so important to you but I believe Everyone deserves a opportunity to redeem themselves and improve themselves. I mentioned Christian and father because that’s what I connected with him on! I also said everyone has a right to be on any side of the fence they choose. Tbh I don’t care what side anyone’s on. Thats not important to me, to each him own! WHO DAT!

Goat Cast

Jameis scores a td in Tampa for the Superbowl in Tampa sean payton kinda thing


Ive always like dude and thought he was talented he was just in a fucked up.situation .. Who.Dat bro welcome to the squad. Hope you do well


    GULLY GRINDHARD fr bro you don’t go #1 overall for no reason. Tons of talent and obviously he has the right mindset whether it’s New Orleans or somewhere else in the future


    @gretski12 i wouldnt . Mind him becoming a.starter he already knows the division well he is a proven.starter if he can work on his QB mechanic he can make a real splash in the NFC .plus he is mobile so he opens up more read options

    Baldi B

    gretski12 eh lol I wouldn’t say you don’t go #1 overall for no reason 😂😂 do you know who Marcus Mariota is?? Jared Goff?? Cam Newton??

    William Ole School Arendt

    He just didn’t have the right people around him in Tampa and he didn’t have a quarterback who he could get the right answers from! The other quarterback in Tampa Fitzpatrick wanted his starter job so he wouldn’t tell him the things he needed to know! Like he said he was Googling quarterback questions to teach himself! That’s just crazy! Plus him and Drew get along so Drew will definitely teach him what he needs to know because he has to start getting someone prepped to take his place!!! Shaun Payton wouldn’t have brought him here If he didn’t think he could help fix the turn over problem!!!!

    Sleepy Head

    Baldi B when was mariota a #1 pick?

The James

This interview changed my opinion of him. I really thought he was mentally unstable. He is more articulate than I thought. I hope it’s not an act. I wish him well.

    Debo The God

    The James nah he’s always been like that he just didn’t have structure in the Tampa bay organization

    The InvictusSamaritan

    The James I think 2018 was really his big year as far as growing as a person, he became a father, in the nfl he got suspended and even benched a few times and all of that really knocked some sense into him. I began to see his growth and even rooted for him last year when he wasn’t playing us.


    The James I agree with you!

    Marisa Moravec

    The James I’m a huge Gators fan and hated him when he was at FSU lmao. Dude always tore my Gators up. And then the negative publicity came out. But then I watched Hard Knocks and I hated him more because he’s actually a very likable, humble guy, a natural leader but young, and obviously just needed some guidance to better become a leader and harness his abilities (I say i hated him more because i didn’t want to like him since he was a divisional rival!!) I think NOLA is the best spot for him to be able to learn how to focus all of his good traits and get rid of the bad as a player. I can very easily see him being QB1 for ten, 15 years after this. He’s got the talent, he’s only 25, and now he’s got the best roster and best coaching in the league to support him. Dude NEVER had that in Tampa and still made a pro bowl.

Eagle Claw Outdoors

we got him for dirt cheap he will take over next year

James Morse

This is a wonderful signing. Jameis has the right outlook, solid work ethic and with the excellent mentorship from coach Payton along with Drew he will thrive. No worries Saints fans.


happy to have him, i really hope he shines with us.

Kras 4

Jameis will learn, grow and continue to get better at QB. He sees this as an opportunity. Listen at young blood, he said he LOVES football and wants to compete. I believe he will. Welcome to New Orleans. Who dat !

    Marisa Moravec

    Kras 4 you can tell in his face how excited he is too. Tampa ain’t 💩 at developing QBs and we just stole a number one overall pick for a LOW contract!! I’m excited for this as a fan, and I can tell he’s going to come in and make the most of his chance.

    Kras 4

    @Marisa Moravec agreed 100 fam.

Da'da Saints #1

Last few years a lot of Quarterbacks came thru Tampa none done SHI* untill they lefted. Doug Williams, Young, Freeman, Johnson, Steve deberage, Now Jamie’s, Hell catch my drift… Tampa don’t Kno how to build a Quarter back up!

    Jacob coldiron

    Da’da Saints #1 you ain’t lyin! I’m lovin it

    Derek L

    Da’da i agree bro, we gonna see what he’s made of now! Like we been saying now he has No Excuse !

    John Harlowe

    None of those quarterbacks, except for Steve Young, went on to be great quarterbacks elsewhere. I mean, Josh Freeman? Really??

    Da'da Saints #1

    @John Harlowe Steve Young, Doug Williams, won Superbowl that’s success! But all those others probably shouldn’t have been drafted.

Patrich Robins

Hes been waiting to say who dat love this young man wish him this great year and more to come…. Bring your A game young man love your apart of our new orleans saints! Who Dat!!!!!!!


I am really impressed by this interview, he seemed very humble and someone who wants to learn and improve. He sees the Saints as the perfect opportunity for him to do so. I never thought much of him, he being on the Bucs and the stories about him, but listening to him in this interview I am now a fan, Jameis welcome to the big easy, Who Dat?

Darius Miller

Lmao it’s always guys that never played a snap of football that have the gull to say that a NFL player sucks. I mean everyone has a right to their opinion but if you never won a heisman trophy and national championship in your freshman year or managed to play in the NFL then your opinion is as valid as a fry cook critiquing Gordon Ramsey’s cooking skills

Inevitable Expertise

Looks like Will Lutz has to find another way to make extra money

scott olson

What a class act. He just shared his Christian faith with how humble he is. I am now a saints fan from Wisconsin

    Tyler Horton

    Who dat


    Welcome to the who dat nation we have several Christian’s. Drew demario Winston

    Kansas City Jones

    Pretty late pal….but oh well jump on

Dakota Sass

Interviewers were kind of rude but Jameis seems like he has grown an immense amount sense he got drafted, I really like who he has become.

    J Elle Cole

    You’re right, very rude! “You said you needed an ego check” so insulting. He never said that. Ego is pride he never said he was prideful he said this move took humility.


    Dakota Sass Yeah, he has. The reporters were rude to Jameis but he handled it with maturity. But I guess it’s because he’s a married man and a father now. Not to mention, a Christian.

Keith Brockman

Didn’t have an in depth understanding of who he was outside of the headlines. This interview changed my opinion of who he is as a man. Glad that saints were smart enough to make this deal. Definitely a win-win scenario and gives us options for the future. Welcome to NOLA!

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